Starting Rotation

Any chance Wicklander gets his shot this weekend?

I kinda think it will be Wicklander.

An educated guess is Noland or Wicklander because of their experience, and both have pitched well this year.

When the weather warms up I sure think Noland and Wicklander will rise to the top! I also wouldn’t count Blake Adams out! I sure wish the hogs would have had such a deep pitching staff when we went to Omaha 2 years ago!
The bull pen is more than capable to have long relief, set up men and closers! It’s still early and DVH will figure it out! He will have a quick hook if someone on the mound the walking batters!

Zebulon Vermillion will be back in the starting rotation at Louisiana Tech. He will start Saturday.

Pallette will pitch Friday and Lockhart will pitch Sunday.

Surprising. I really like him at the back end of that bullpen. He, Wiggins, Trest, and Kopps could basically lock up innings 6-9 for us. But always trust DVH…

Vermillion has more of a four-pitch arsenal that fits as a starter. And, I think they have enough at the back end. Wiggins will probably close twice every weekend. Kopps probably twice every weekend, too. Kopps can pitch two innings twice.

Shocker to me to be honest, he really hasn’t been real sharp all yr and to put him in against possibly the best lineup we’ve seen this year is puzzling. He can very dominant if he’s on and he will have to be to get those guys out.

I thought Vermillion looked good out of the bullpen last weekend against Murray State, so I wouldn’t say he hasn’t looked sharp all year. His command was not good in the two games he started.

What I like it nobody’s talking about not starting Moore.

That’s basically what I meant his 2 starts,he has looked like a different pitcher than what I expected, FB not as good as we thought and command of it not good at all, pretty much throws CB a lot which against a team like Tech that is probably real good in hitting fastball it may work out real well, they are feast-or-famine type offense ULL totally shut them down both times giving them only two runs into games,yet they hammered LSU starter for 11 hits and 8 runs in 3 innings which tells me they can really hit the ball when they get it going
We could be going into a hornet’s nest because they have had this series circled for a long time and they’re fans will treat this like CWS…

I have wondered if Vermillion has been holding back a little in his starts. When he is in relief, he pitches like his hair is on fire. If he can do that in his starts, he will be fine. It won’t matter how many innings that we get out of him, just that they are good innings.

My thoughts exactly.

I like Lockhart, he has an arsenal of pitches. 4-5 good pitches and that 1 seam fastball. Hard for a batter to guess what he’s going to throw next.

He needs to be on from the jump today, has to command his FB in and out and put them away with that nasty downer CB.

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Lockhart is hard for hitters to lock in. He is a nibbler by nature. Not over powering but understands his strengths. He will pitch inside. That is confidence but I’d like a few more strikes.

Yes I was impressed with him last time. I like how pounds that slider down and in on RH and absolutely nothing you can do with it, Steve Carlton in the HOF because of that. I also like the way Lockhart backdoors that Curve on the outside corner because hitters give up on it. With him it’s all about location because he’s not going to blow it by you.He had an ERA over 4 last year to prove that.

I really liked what I have seen so far from him, hopefully he can do that because we need a left-hander in the rotation

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