Starting rotation for the LSU series

I wonder what the starting rotation will look like?
Friday Wicklander
Saturday Pallete
Sunday Noland is that possible?
Bull pen without any rain could be more efficient.

DVH said in the postgame Zoom that it would be Wick on Friday unless something happens this week. He said he’d like to get Noland some innings but it didn’t sound like CN was ready to start yet.

Well that answer the Friday stater. It would be nice to see Noland get back in game shape before Hoover.

Going to be hard with only one more mid-week game, maybe he starts against ASU. My guess he’ll need a large lead, or deficit to get in, just hard to trust someone who hasn’t thrown in two months.

Explain how Vermillion got in the game at S Carolina! That’s a head scratcher.
I think Noland is as likely to have a good outing as Zeb.

Because he’s been pitching in the last two months, and was 100% ready, according to DVH. I’m pretty sure Hobbs and DVH have an idea of who’s ready to pitch, and who isn’t.

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Why would Noland make a start at LSU? I do not think that sounds reasonable. I figure DVH will pick a spot for one inning. And it might be against a string of right handed batters, if that’s available. If there is a spot with the game out of hand, that’s maybe when you see Connor.

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