Starting QB

Although right now that looks like it probably will be Storey, I don’t believe one game is enough to determine who the starting QB will end up being. Any QB can have an exceptionally good day or a bad day.

Agreed, and statistically Cole Kelly had a pretty good game too. Maybe Cole made better decisions with his reads, but I still think Cole is the more accurate passer as well as having a much stronger arm. This may go back and forth for awhile before one of them clearly establishes himself as the leader of this Offense. I’m rooting for both of them.

I think both are going to play for a good portion of the season, including Saturday.

No team can be effective playing two quarterbacks. I would expect this battle to be over in a couple of games.

I was shocked at how well Ty Storey played Saturday. He got the opportunity, and he took advantage of it.

Storey, much to my surprise, looked confident and ready to go. Who knew he was that talented? Not me.

We started inside EIU territory twice with Kelly at qb and all we managed was a field goal. With Storey we scored on 6 out of 8 possessions including 2 80 yard drives and 2 60 yard drives. The offense was much more in sync and efficient with Storey. He should get all 1st team reps in practice this week and play the whole game, unless we are winning big or he plays terrible.

The pace was also about five seconds quicker per snap with Storey than with Kelley, a key stat to these coaches.

I know what you mean. Florida really struggled with it in 2006.

I think those who have seen practice in the last six months have commented on Ty Storey’s passing. It’s really improved. Gone is the hitch that developed after Jim Chaney worked with him three years ago. Jim changed his motion. Dan Enos told him to forget about what he’d been told and go back to what he was dong. It was not as easy to do as you might think. It’s kind of like when you get a waggle in your golf swing and someone tells you to eliminate it. Can you? Most can’t. It’s there. Not saying a waggle is bad. But changing a throwing motion of a quarterback is often risky.

I had one guy in the press box tell me he looked like a different QB. Well, he is. He’s got his passing motion smoothed out and there is more zip on the ball.

The throw to Jordan Jones was really impressive. He had a defender reaching at his legs as he moved forward to deliver. He could not step into the throw. So it was all arm. He put everything into his upper body had, because he couldn’t step with his lower body. It was impressive to me. That was into the south breeze and very nicely done.

Florida won a national championship playing Chris Leak and Tim Tebow. I’d say that was pretty effective.

Lou Holtz ALWAYS played two quarterbacks. And Chad Morris has almost always played two. It’s pretty clear that Chad Morris knows what he’s doing. He says the risk of injury when you use a running quarterback (and he does) means you better have another one ready. So he does.

Somebody knew, he was a 4 star qb in high school.

Tebow taking a few direct snaps in the wildcat does not really count as playing two qb’s does it?

You have 2 quarterbacks playing all the time and you have trouble. You guys really think we will play 2 guys all year? If we do, we won’t win many.

Swine, you could alternate with Tim Tebow and Florida would have been been great. The guy was a great player. Come on…how many teams play 2 guys? It is the exception rather than the rule. Florida had incredible talent when they won in 2006.

I believe Coach Morris will settle on one guy…then the other guy will get to play some, but not much. You can’t be playing SEC teams and alternate quarterbacks…that would be a recipe for disaster.