Starting QB - who will it be?

Game One - Portland State?

Game Six - Kentucky?

Game 12 - Missouri?

Barring injuries who do you think is starting at the beginning, the mid-point, and to finish the season?

My prediction for what it’s worth - Hicks, Starkel, Starkel.

PS I predict Connor is not on the roster to begin the season.

I’ll take a shot at, Starkel starts from game 1.

He’s won’t know the offense as well as hicks, but he will know it enough to separate himself in the summer. He’s got the talent to do that.

Hicks all the way through game six, if healthy.
Very possible Starkel anytime after due to Hicks being banged up and/or slinging Ints due to the licks from SEC defensive players.

I agree with this - but will qualify that by saying it’s just a hunch. Honestly, I have no way of knowing at this point and I don’t believe most of us posting here will until fall drills begin in a couple of months.

Those August scrimmages and the Portland State game are going to be interesting. Starkel has a big talent edge. Hicks is the stabilizer-his floor is good enough to manage the team effectively this year and get us close to .500, and his ceiling is high enough to get us to a bowl game.

However, Hicks will have to be consistently good to start for any length of time. If Hicks is inconsistent or just not real productive I suspect CM will live with Starkel’s growing pains.

I think that Starkel has a chance to be really good in his last 16-17 games here. I also think there is a chance he gets to “really good” sooner, depending on how the rest of the offense pans out. If the new WRs really come on fast, Starkel could put up really good numbers this year, since he’s got a big enough arm to to throw it most anywhere the receivers can get open.

I also think the chances of Starkel being a bust or mediocre long-term are pretty low. He started five games as a redshirt freshman, including games against Ole Miss and LSU, and he completed 60% of his passes, with 14 TDs and only 6 interceptions. He’s not a big threat running, but then again neither is Hicks. The guy looks like a big upgrade over any one we’ve had since Brandon Allen. He also has enough experience against good competition/with life on an SEC team to make a quick rise to the top of the depth chart.

I would have better luck picking lotto numbers than a starting QB at this point. Hoping we start the season with a definitive clear cut starter, instead of QB by committee! WPS

Has Starkel enrolled yet? If, not, when is he expected to enroll?

If Starkel is currently enrolled, my guess is he will start in game 1.
If he enrolls for the 2nd summer semester, game 3, following a 3TD+ loss to OM.
If he doesn’t enroll until late July, then, in game 6.

I also believe, if Starkel doesn’t become a starter this season, we will end the season with an 0-16 SEC, 2 yr record. With him starting in game 1 or 3, we could end up with 6-7 wins.

He has enrolled - been here since late May

I think Hicks starts the season. Then we’ll see. Definitely not buying 0-8 w Hicks as QB.

Thanks, I think that’s great news. Have there been any tweets, comments, etc. from anybody about him working with the WRs, RBs, and TEs? IMO, there is a pretty big gap between the talent levels of Starkel and Hicks.

I originally was saying hicks for the first half of the season, but the more I’ve thought about it the more I’ve changed my mind.

Starkel is a veteran, he’s a smart guy, and he’s been there since early May. That will give him enough time to put in the work necessary to know the offense well enough to run it. The qb has to know everyone’s positions… but more often than not they are the smartest on the field, so picking up a system for a veteran shouldn’t take all that long. Picking it up to run it atleast.

Now, he won’t know it as well as hicks. No question, but I think his talent plus a generalized knowledge of it, will likely push him past hicks. He didn’t come here to sit, and I don’t think he will. I bet if you ask him, he’ll say he’ll be the day 1 starter.

Hicks will start but Starkel will play early and often I predict! I can see him possibly starting before game 6 because of his talent level should he pick up the offense quickly. Thankful to have both of them as I feel we have upgraded in this area for sure!

Let us not forget about Jefferson. I see him getting some playing time as well (4 or less obviously) which will be invaluable as a back up to Starkel the following year as a RS Freshman!

I think Benjamin Hicks will start game one but at some point will give way to Nick Starkel. I also think that KJ Jefferson will appear in four games this season and will battle with Starkel in the Spring for the starting job in 2020. Connor Noland’s football career appears to be over.

Why the negative about Connor Noland being finished with football? I agree that he has a steep ladder to climb with his time away from the team for baseball, but he has the best winning record as a Hog of any QB on the roster, which isn’t saying much. Has he indicated he isn’t coming back to the team after we win the CWS?

Just a prediction - very surprised if he plays FB any longer

All I know is if the QB situation is like it was last year, it will be a very long season. And a very hot seat for CCM in 2020.

Unless injured, Hicks will start every game. Noland will not play football. Starkel will start next year. Hicks will have a good season and there will be an upset or two.

I don’t believe it is a “negative” projection for Noland in football as much as it is a recognition of the perception that it appears he has a much higher ceiling (professional potential) in MLB than he would in football (NFL). If that is what he and his family are now thinking, then it makes sense for him to focus on Baseball full-time the next 2 years in advance of being drafted.

Now, that can all be wrong. But it seems to be the current consensus about where he is and what his future holds.

who has hacked Clay’s account?

The real Clay will be telling us to hold off on predictions until he sees the team this fall camp.

Seriously, I have a very hard time this is truly Clay.


I tend to agree w this. You can’t undervalue Hicks leadership and knowledge of the offense.