Starting OL 2020

LT Myron Cunningham vs Wagner
LG Clary
C Jones
RG Stromberg
RT Gatlin

Seems Latham and Wienkle (sp?) and others will push. would take a heck of a frosh OL to start for us next year, in my amateur opinion.

Man, this group needs to really improve if we are going to win 5 games next year.

The D does also, but that was such a mess that I can’t even start to assemble a starting 11. don’t even know the scheme yet.

I’d like to hear your opinions, to keep me from refreshing and looking for recruiting news, lol


Not a bad guess. But … Gatlin is not yet six months removed from ACL surgery. He may be a starter next season, but I don’t know if he will be ready by spring drills. That would be a fast recovery from what was serious surgery.

I’ll be surprised if Limmer isn’t starting at a guard spot.

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Man, I’m having a brain cramp - who are Chase and Davenport?

Man, you don’t remember Joe Dean Davenport? The dude has been granted a rare 19th year of eligibility.


My guess is Davenport is Dalton Wagner or Ryan Winkle

Maybe Chase is Ty Clary or Chibueze Nwanna os Shane Clenin

I figured it was Scott Davenport.

LOL, sorry guys. luckily DD can read my mind-I’ll edit, but Davenport is Wagner and Chase is Clary.

I’m at work and trying to multitask-not very well, as usual!


Okay - glad I’m not totally lost. Been one of those weeks!

Those returning guys probably will be bigger than when last you saw them when August rolls around.

Probably not saying much, but I think this will be our best O-line since 2015. Still a bit light, but more talent, experience and depth than we’ve had, as well as better coaching.

I agree with you…

just really hard to do right now b/c we have a new sherriff in town and he may want to move some guys around and 2-3 of these incoming Fresh may push for time so,really not going to try to name a starting 5 right now.

What is the story on Chibueze Nwanna? We went all the way to Scranton, Pennsylvania to get this dude. He seemed to have promise, but I lost track of him.

Lack of strength in upper body. Long way to go as far as lifting. Maybe this staff will help in that regard.

I agree with you on Limmer…I can see him pushing as a starter, he is a bull!

I like what I have seen of Limmer, which is mostly of the high school film. He plays hard.

His feet are also slow.

That’s not good.

Are we talking Nwanna’s feet or Limmer’s feet?