Starting lineup next year!

Snout old boy I like the way your thinking, these freshmen will have to learn how to play Sec type defense before Muss gives them playing time. I’m not sure your lineup will hold up for the entire season as newcomer’s mature & progress, either way I like the depth for next season and two bigs on the floor. WPS

There is no universe where Smith. Walsh, Black, and JWill don’t start from Day 1. The only question is who the 5th guy will be. My guess would be JD or Toney…if they come back.

That would be my list too. :coffee::sunglasses:

I like your line-up, Jeff, but I feel confident that at least Toney comes back. And, JD is in a terrible no man’s land…he’s not young anymore, he’s not, nor will he ever be, a pure point, and it’s dangerous to go overseas right now. Plus he’s got a good NIL with Hunt. I don’t think Muss planned to have him back…at all, but I think there’s a very real chance that JD will still be a Hog next year. Devo will probably be a starter again eventually, but it won’t be next year.


And yet to be detimined.


I’m not ready to discount the other incoming freshmen, Dunning, Ford, and Pinion, until they have had their chance to adapt to college life and impress the coaches. College is a big leap for 17-19 year olds, and there will be injuries (minor and major). I believe all will get playing time in November/December with enough minutes to show where they fit. Barring injuries, defense first, then decision making will be the keys. I hope it is very competitive to fill the rotation by SEC time.

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Depending on defense, of course, he says he likes playing 7-8 but he is a smart dude. He is not going to waste quality depth. He is going to have a million rotation and match up, foul trouble options, the likes he has yet to have since he has been here. The mix and matches are endless. I don’t see a line up going out there where you are wondering, who is going to score?

Defensively? It’s still up for debate until we see, but the ceiling is very high with this bunch. A lot to look forward to with their length, height, size, and athleticism defensively. Especially when he adds a big and whoever else.

He has a one year shot with some of these guys to build something special around. Can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.

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In November or January when it counts?

Too many balls still in the air to speculate. I have a hard time believing that JD and Toney won’t start if they come back. But will they? If they do, how does Muss handle the 5-stars? What about JWill?

I’ll go with the same line in January February

If everyone comes back (which isn’t likely), hard to imagine either Toney or Notae coming off the bench. J Will certainly isn’t coming off the bench, nor is Smith. Walsh seems like the best bet for the 5th spot. That would be the 5 I’d expect to see for the first exhibition (day 1, if you will).

I’m thrilled we got Black. He probably has as high a ceiling as any of the incoming freshmen, but he also has more maturing/development of his game to do than some of the others. I can see Smith and Walsh as 1-and-dones, but I don’t see Black here only 1 year.

Not sure who will start, but I do know by conference time, no one will want to play us.

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It is so special to have that expectation. If our conductor/coach stays true to form, we will be a very difficult team to defeat.

2021-22 minutes/game:

  • Notae - 33.4
  • Toney - 32.5
  • Williams - 31.7
  • Umude - 27.8
  • Davis - 27.6
  • Lykes - 17.4
  • Wade - 17.1
  • J Robinson - 10.2
  • Johnson - 7.8
  • Vanover - 7.7

This time next year, looking back at next year’s minutes/game stats, we will probably see a little different distribution. There should be more quality depth, as you mention.

However, if you were to look only at January-March next year, I expect you’ll see only about 6-7 players averaging more than 20 minutes. In March only, it might only be 5-6.

Two of the bottom 3 on the list above didn’t play significantly the last 22 games this season.

Coach will give everyone ample opportunity to play… like he’s done with everyone on the roster his first 3 seasons. That will result in some players who may average double digit minutes for the season, but next to nothing in SEC play/post season (see J Robinson).

As a result, there will probably be more than one of the celebrated new guys that don’t play much next year, at least beginning in January. Contingent, of course, on who returns among J Will, Toney, and Notae.

Any lineup you project will be great. The future looks really bright for Hogs basketball!!

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Wonderful indeed.

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OK…I am going off of what I WANT to happen in terms of people coming back. So here goes:

Nick Smith

Some on the board will say this lineup is too small. Maybe it is. But I think this would be the best combo of talent and experience. Devo, Black and Brazile will all play alot.

That’s 8. The 9th spot in the rotation will be fought over.

Of course if some of the 3 veterans considering the NBA don’t return, that changes things considerably.

I actually think Muss will have a bigger rotation next year. Too much talent not to. He will still play 7 the most…but the 8 and 9 guys will play much more than this year’s 8 and 9.


Agree with everything you said, Maestro … JD, Toney and JWill are definite starters if they all come back and I would probably put Nick Jr down in ink as well … I could see Walsh, Brazile, Devo or Black filling out the last spot in the starting lineup (or playing starters minutes) depending on matchups. As you pointed out, there’s your top 8 who will play the most barring injury.

That said, I tend to agree with some on the board who believe JD is going pro … I think Muss replaces his roster spot with an experienced knock-down 3pt specialist from the portal who comes in as a spark off the bench and also has some ball handling skills … but Black likely replaces JD’s starting minutes by SEC play.


Starting lineup can and will change. The bench will be loaded with options to matchup in situations that happen in games. Something the hogs haven’t had in the past few years.
Shooters are on this roster too.
I hope Toney, J Williams and Notae return if that’s what they want to do.

I agree with your top 8 with both JD and Toney returning. The only thing I disagree with you, and lots of other posters, is about Anthony Black. The NBA loves 6’6" PGs and Anthony is very advanced in his PG skills, especially considering he’s only been playing PG about 1 1/2 years.

I only found two NBA 2023 mock drafts that have updated in the last 2 weeks:

NBA Draft room, updated 4/1/22:

Nick - #3
Black - #5
Jordan - #11

NBA, updated 3/22/22:

Black - #8
Smith - #10
Jordan wasn’t listed in the 1st round.

I believe Nick is a lock for a top 10 pick, and maybe a top 5. If Anthony can get more consistent with his outside shot, which isn’t bad right now, and continue to improve his already impressive passing, he’ll probably be a mid first rounder and a Lottery pick.

I’ll be a bit surprised if Nick and Anthony haven’t locked up the 2G and PG spots respectively very early in the season, if not from the get go. Most probably won’t agree with me, but that might leave JD as the 6th man if he returns. And he would be great at that, but would probably have a hard time accepting it.

I think Jordan has a shot at a one and done 1st round pick, but needs to shore up his handle and outside shot. If he does that, hell be gone along with Nick and Anthony. Jordan has so much potential, that selfishly, I’d love to see him here 2 years.

I just can’t see 2, probable NBA lottery picks, not starting really early, if not immediately, for the Hogs.