Starting lineup next year!

If JWill and JD go pro, we could have a whole new starting 5 next year. That would be crazy. Hope they stay.


We IMO need a couple of guys to lay the land so to speak for our NC coming in group…


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So, you also have Toney leaving?

I’m going to assume JD is the only one that leaves. This is a starting five for the first game in November, subject to change with Walsh, Black, Ford, Pinion and Dunning waiting in the wings.

F JWill
F Brazile
G Toney
G Devo
G Nick Smith

You have Devo starting over Smith? Bold choice

Devo will not start over Smith and Walsh will be starting for sure.JMO


I think the new guys are gonna have to find out how to lock down on D before Muss trusts them in the starting lineup. They may be there by the start of SEC play but I think Devo and Toney will start in the beginning.

Yeah I shouldn’t say they both will be starting for sure because they will be freshmen but from what I’ve seen of them especially Walsh they are very good on defense. Devo probably deserves to start so we will have to see.

I have Devo and Smith both starting. Why do you say I have Devo starting over Smith?

Yeah I didn’t catch that myself. I can see them both starting

I misread, I thought you had Black and Devo.

We should remember how Muss treated Moses. He was a starter pretty much when he set foot on the practice floor. We have 3 recruits ranked well above Moody.

I believe there’s a really good chance that Jaylin, Smith and Black start from the beginning of the season (or at least by the 2nd or 3rd game). If Toney doesn’t return, then Walsh and Brazile, will be the other 2 starters. If Toney returns, he will start and either Walsh or Brazile, along with Devo will be the 6th or 7th man depending whether a front or back court player is needed first off the bench.

I believe those 7 names will be the high minute guys on the team. If Toney doesn’t return, I think the 7th guy will be Ford or another Big transfer Muss has picked up from the transfer portal.

True, but you also had to remember our returning guard lineup at that time:

JD was coming off his redshirt year. Desi was a junior.

That’s it. The rest of our guards that year were freshmen and Tate.

Moses didn’t play at guard last season. He was at SF and played played at PF when we went with the small line-up. Desi started at 2G and about mid-season, Devo took over for him as a starter. Last season, JD got starter minutes as the 6th man.

My main point was that Muss saw what he had in Moses and knew he was going to start, freshman or not.

I’m not saying AB or even Smith is a better player than Walsh, but that this roster (as it currently stands) has no player even close to the caliber of PG skills that Black has. Smith is the closest, but I believe the team will be better if Smith is free to play the 2G.

I’m going to assume JD and Toney won’t be back. I will go with the following:

  1. Black
  2. Smith
  3. Devo
  4. Walsh
  5. J Will

That’s certainly possible. It’s a pretty small line-up. Would you have Brazile as the 6th man instead of Devo? I believe Walsh, Brazile, and Jaylin will all get big minutes at the 4-5 spots, with Walsh also getting minutes at the 3 when we go to a bigger line-up. Without Toney, I see all 6 players getting big minutes.

I think you could swap Brazile for Devo but I’m not sure what kind of defender he is on the outside. I think it will change often due to match ups but either way we will be very salty.

Now if Toney comes back you can bet he’s starting and playing a bunch of minutes. Who does that hurt the most? Brazile?

I’m kind of worried that J Will may be gone and this is why coach is still hitting the portal…man i hope not though.

[quote=“razorblack, post:17, topic:50939”]
I’m kind of worried that J Will may be gone and this is why coach is still hitting the portal…man i hope not though.

That would be the worst of all possible outcomes of players leaving. JWill was the heart of last season’s team and will be the same for next season.

Now if he gets a certain 1st round draft rating, he should take that and I would never hold that against him. I would hate it for next year’s team though.

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Still to early to predict. Wait until after we know who will definitely be here.

As of now (with who is on the roster):

PG - Black
SF - Smith
PF - Brazile (and I really like Jordan Walsh)
C - JWill

If we’re going with the known 7 incoming players, and those currently on the roster, I’ll say….

Nick Smith
JD Notae
Au DieseToney
Jordan Walsh
Jaylin Williams