Starting lineup changes working well

The two starting lineup changes that Mike made seem to be working well.

We are now a better defensive team at the start of the game with Gabe. He is our best 4 right now, without a doubt.

Starting Sills has increased his confidence and he is contributing at a much higher level. He is also the energy guy and better defender than Jones.

Having Jones come off the bench, the offense doesn’t go dry like it used to when the subbing of the starters begins. He is getting as many minutes as before, so after a little jolt to his pride for not starting, he should be okay.

Overall good coaching move by Mike. Perhaps he waited a bit too long.

Makeup of the starting lineups is one big difference between this year and other years of the Anderson era. He always experimented with the lineup during the non-conference season. It did lead to some instability, but got more players ready for SEC play and also got players conditioned to not starting. This year, the starting lineup has been virtually the same until late February.

Wish he had done it earlier. I agree having jones come off the bench helps w the anemic scoring the second bunch has had many games. I was disappointed w sills but he has come on a bit lately, good to see. Wish he could finish drives better. He had one good one today and one drive or two not so productive. His defense is good. And he doesn’t have the dribbles as Jones does at times. Gabe, even announcers said we get nothing from the four usually however I thought bailey played well today. And so did Cheney. We just waited a little late to figure it out. I agree I like the new starting lineup better.