Starting fast and keys to victory

A few comments about Clay’s keys to victory story:

  • Kurt Anderson stuck his neck out, regarding how good the Oline will be, and that is something to remember.
  • The story about RWIII losing a lot of weight and getting quicker is great. He was not quick last season.
  • It’s kind of a big deal to say this year’s team is better than last season’s. I believe it though.
  • Will the Hogs help the right tackle with a blocking TE?
  • Through his career, Skip Holtz has a record of getting his teams to overachieve in openers.
  • How will Arkansas use Coley if he is not starting?

As for the fast start - what do you think Tennessee did wrong in preparing for App State? Maybe their biggest problem was having Virginia Tech on the schedule for the first Battle at Bristol in game two. Arkansas has a road trip to TCU, similar kind of distraction. One thing I like is that the first two opponents are similar in offensive schemes. App State is a triple option team.

“One game at a time” is hard to do with a schedule set up like this. I will be glad to win, period. A lot of fans seem to believe the Hogs will stop Louisiana Tech. I do not expect to see a Skip Holtz team let that happen.

I keep remembering how close this team came to going 10-2 – don’t get a punt return called back against Toledo, play any defense at all against TTech (they never had to punt) and make a field goal against Moo U. So if we’re even equal to last year but fix those little problems, that’s 10 wins. We’re playing a lot of teams with QB issues. Including Alabama and LSU. I’ll take AA over what either one of those schools have.

When I think about how close it was to 10 wins, I remember the Texas A&M game being more winnable than Texas Tech. The Red Raiders out-played Arkansas. The Hogs’ defense gave away the game in Arlington.

I didn’t actually see the A&M game (my nephew’s fiancee decided to have a Saturday night wedding in football season, and we let her know about it). But you may have a point – and we could have gone 11-1.

True, but the Henry Heave will be the luckiest play any of us ever see in our lifetime probably. I thought the Boise State vs. Blow U Hook and Ladder play was but the Henry Heave was miraculous.

True, but we had played our butts off on the road as a big underdog (OM - 11) to get into overtime and have the chance for that one lucky bounce.

The game looked like UT was holding something over offensively for VT; although I’m not sure what that is. Defensively, I don’t think they knew ASU ran the triple option until halftime.

EOEk obviously came out flat, but IMO the biggest issue seemed to be the orange OL’s inability to deal with a small, quick DL. It looked to me like they had been working against their own bigger slower DL all camp that probably plays some kind of gap control base defense, and just didn’t know how to deal with the smaller AppSt. guys shooting the gaps and getting penetration. I couldn’t understand why EOEk kept trying to run the ball out of the shotgun with option looks. I thought they should’ve just lined up under center and run straight at them.

  • Anderson was mostly right, but he has a major problem at left guard, and TCU is better equipped to take advantage of that.
  • Williams averaged 4.0 yards per carry and did not look especially quick, not on Collins’s level. Whaley hardly got a chance.
  • LaTech completed 61% for 6.8 yards per attempt, rushed for 3.4 ypc, scored 20 points. Maybe the defense is better. The offense isn’t.
  • The right tackle did fine.
  • Skip Holtz got his team to play out of their minds.
  • Coley got in there some, but I don’t remember if he replaced the SS or FS. Not a lot of time though.

My original quote was supposed to say a lot of fans believed the Hogs would stomp LaTech, not stop. The game was even closer than I thought it would be though. It might not have been, had Allen not through that second interception, which was a really bad decision.

After that though, Allen through some really nice passes. He has a lot to learn about dealing with the rush, and maybe the coaches made a bad decision about how they put the Oline together. Maybe Froholdt will learn fast, who knows. They need to shore up their ability to pick up blitzes, and Allen needs to recognize and react better. In play calling, the Hogs probably should avoid plays where it is obvious Allen has no quick-hitting outlet. They picked every one of those out, somehow. LaTech had our offense scouted very well and called a lot of good stuff.

Arkansas’s running backs ran 32 times for 121 yards. The running game is a pale shadow of what it was last season, which wasn’t as good as it had been in 2014. They need to work Whaley into the rotation more. They need another dimension. Surprised that Whaley did not get more chances. Collins played plenty in his first college game. And don’t tell me Arkansas didn’t need him, because we did.

It sure would be nice to have a QB with running ability. They do not seem to agree, given the recruiting.

I don’t know why we didn’t try any long routes. I guess we were afraid of the rush. :?: