Starting 5 lacks offense

Look I totally get having very aggressive defense but our starting 5 is not a very good offensive lineup and I don’t think we can afford slow starts in the SEC.i would rather have Notae start and Sills off the bench to give us more offense, that way you have 2 very good Shooters in him and Moody.I could be wrong but our starters right now don’t really have a lot of Firepower.

Here is a look at the Tate/Sills/Moody/Smith/Vanover starting group’s numbers the last 5 games:

North Texas: 19-6 in 9:46 together (.967 PPP)
UT-Arlington: 15-14 in 7:38 together (1.31 PPP)
Lipscomb: 29-7 in 9:20 together (1.73 PPP)
Southern: 22-10 in 11:14 together (1.03 PPP)
UCA: 19-18 over 9:31 together (.929 PPP)

The Notae/Sills/Moody/Tate/Vanover grouping was +17 over 5:50 vs. UCA. That was the money lineup in that game.

The starting group the last 5 games hasn’t gotten off to great offensive starts in two games. But I don’t know that I’d say it isn’t a very good offensive lineup and lacks firepower.

Well the reason I say that is Smith and Tate are known more for defense ,Sills is streaky but IMO will never be a great offensive player and Connor basically is a spot-up 3-point shooter at this time. That puts a lot of pressure on Moody to be a kind of the go to scorer in that group. I just think Notae is adequate on defense but can possibly get us off to a hot start and give us balance on the wings with two very good shooters

I agree on Notae. I really thought he’d start from Game 1 because of his playmaking and creativity. If he becomes more engaged defensively on a consistent basis he might sneak into the lineup at some point.

Offensive comparisons plus steals:

Sills - 12.3 points - .565 FG% - 3 pt % .421 - steals 12
Notae - 13.3 points - .418 FG% - 3pt% .317 steals 5

IMO, Desi needs to start. Notae needs to come off the bench for hopeful instant offense when starters offense is lacking. For me, this is especially on the road games. Desi is a much more consistent and efficient scorer than Notae. And, a better defender, even though Desi isn’t a great defender.

Notae, with his all or nothing offense, is made for coming off the bench with instant offense. Desi had been out scoring Notae until this last game. As Scotty pointed out, in the last game, Notae got most of his points late in the game when UCA was gassed and the game had become a runaway. He was not hitting his shots in the first half

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The message is clear: buy in on defense and you will start. That’s what you get with this coach. I understand that and respect that decision by the head coach. I think he’s been doing it for a bit and knows what you emphasize is what you get.

Desi is a very fine player and I love his spirit but IMO is not nearly as skilled offensively as Notae who I think will continue to get better shooting Notae blows by his man and attacks the rim and can light it up in hurry from 3.

It’s as plain as day that CEM is trying to teach Notae what is a good shot and what’s a bad shot and he’s doing it with playing time.

Notae is one of the only players on the team who can get his own shot. He will play more in conference and some of the guys that people are gaga over because of 1-2 slightly above average games against scrub teams will play less because they don’t defend and can’t score.

Musselman uses the nonconference to evaluate and find groups he likes.The only way Notae won’t play a lot (and more than he is now) is if he continues to jack up shots as soon as he touches the ball, pretty much every time.

You can tell what Musselman thinks based on the guys he has played against the few decent opponents they have played, and also based on his comments (as a whole in press conferences).

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With this coach, you will play defense or you will not play. These guys need to learn that if they have not already.

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Defense travels.

If you have seven or eight on this team that can play team defense, this bunch has enough three point shooting and streaky scoring to do a lot of damage. There are several guys on the team that can get twenty on any given night. Good defense gives us a chance to find that guy or guys every game, and win a lot of games.

I’ve “seen” the same thing, but…
Even though our opponents have been undersized and out-talented by our Hogs, I doubt any team we’ve faced has as many new players as do the Hogs. And frankly, when Sills doesn’t start, all of our starters are new guys. I think what we’re seeing is that the team takes a bit of time to figure out each team, at the same time they’re playing cautiously or tentatively. But, when this team gets to going, they can look very mature. I’m looking forward to 12/30 and thereafter.

I hear you, but you need great offense off the bench. I think Notae coming off the bench is perfect for that. While I think getting off to a great offensive start is important, I equally (and Muss more so) think getting off the great defensive start is important. Notae and Sills are complete opposites when it comes to defense. And while he may not be as good offensively, he far surpasses Notae overall with his defense, intensity and experience. I like the way it is. That said, Sills will come out as soon as he doesn’t hold up that expectation.

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