starting 5 for lsu?

wonder what the starting lineup will be for lsu.

either he goes with what he’s been doing or shakes things up.

i would start:

macon at point, he’s the only guy we got that will drive and make a pass. beard has shown he cannot do this.
hannah’s at the two
thompson at center time to make a statement to kingsley side note: i know this will not happen
cook at the 4 we just seem to play better when he is in game and he does the little things
the three is the big question mark to me. i think i would start bailey here. go with a bigger lineup than the 4 guard lineup.

beard off the bench for macon
barford for hannahs
manny for bailey side note, i would find some time for jones, everyone says his defense is bad, well it can’t be much worse than what we’ve seen. we’ve wasted his freshman year, might as well get him ready or see what he can do for next year.
kingsley for thompson
and thompson for cook

So, you want Trey to play the entire game?

Think he meant Thomas for cook since they play the same position.

I know that.

Right. It was just for fun. Grasping at straws.

PG Jonathan Holmes

SG CJ Jones

SF Adrio Bailey

PF Hornet Hazen

C Jamario Bell whose best position as a Razorback may be basketball


Everybody else got the doghouse pine time treatment, surely Moses has earned himself a little taste of that… it didn’t seem to work for the other guys (well maybe Barford did respond positively after riding pine for turnovers, and cook sure responded on twitter let’s see if he responds in Baton Rouge) however when Macon gets the bench assignment he withers like a way too early blossom during that reliable ozarks late March freeze.

Macon and Barford and Dusty are our best players. We have to have them on the floor. Maybe we could fit them with some of those shock collars like the undisciplined young pups they are for anytime they are just standing around on the floor with that pouty face, bzzzzzz bzzzz bzzzzap! Could keep the assistants more involved with a couple controllers in their hands too.

But seriously manny and cook are our best defenders. I don’t care if they are undersized, our bigs are always switching onto guard anyways. At least these two on the front line can move their feet and guard the three and work hard in the press. And they bring a little offense to go with our highest scoring guard lineup… If for some reason we can’t score with this lineup and we just get owned in the paint and on the boards. Here is the second wave.


At least they’ll rebound and get some blocked shots.

Start freshmen and walk ons. See if they have the desire, grit and attitude to play. the upperclassmen have shown their colors.

LOL, that would definitely get some people’s attention right there.

But, to answer the OP

I think he starts this lineup vs LSU


If he starts Beard with that way he’s been playing, I may turn the channel. Beard has been a fouling and bad shooting machine the past few games. I really wish CMA would tell him to stop with the double team traps, or at least if he’s going to do it keep his hands up and force the ball handler to make a bad decision rather than than going over there and reaching and getting called for a foul EVERY SINGLE TIME, then he looks at the ref like what did I do.

Thanks! First time in about a week that I’ve been able to laugh while reading a basketball post. It immediately reminded me of the hilarious scene in “Cheers” when Cliff had his psychiatrist attach an electric button zapper on him and go with him to the bar.


If we lose our next three/4 I actually thought about saying do that. We still have a chance (although slimmer) but I can’t say do it if we have a shot to be in

I couldn’t start Macon. Him pouting would have earned him a permanent non starting role. At least for the rest of this year

Now the shock collar post was hilarious and the follow up post about cheers made me laugh out loud. Feels good. Thx to both posters.

Yea, but at the same time we need him, him not performing well has been one of the main difference in the last couple of games. I think CMA needs to sit him down have a talk with him, make him run a little after practice for the attitude, then tell him he’s starting Saturday and we need a big game from him. It is what is is with some guys. Macon is a confidence player, when his confidence is up, he’s tough to stop, when he’s feeling sorry for himself and mad about something, he doesn’t. You gotta take the good with the bad.

True, understand,

and I agree with you about the pm, never thought about it that way.

Agree on the statement for Kingsley! Thats what i been screaming! Same thing i have said about CJ too!!!

Now that would send a message!!!

Malik Monk

Kevaughn Allen


Just kidding