Who starts at QB Saturday? Hicks or Starkel? The guy who knows the system better, or the guy with the most upside?


The guy who will turn the ball over the least.

Baked are you saying it will be JSJ?


Trick play, WR or RB will take the first snap and technically he will be the starter :wink:

A source just said Hicks is the guy.

Good to know

Ben Hicks for game one.

Now for game 2?

Not unexpected…

Dudley, are your instincts talking to you? are you suggesting that this may just for appearances and old time sake, and that the actual guy that gets under center when the season is on the line will be Starkel?

As Nolan used to say “A blind man could see this coming”.

Play both in game 1, then name a “true” starter for Ole Miss.

What this tells (confirms what I already thought) me? That both are playing at a level that pleases the coaches and they would be happy with either as a starter - which is a [color=#BF0040]good [/color]thing for us. There just isn’t much separation between the two.

Last year, it was just the opposite; neither guy separated and it was because neither was a true SEC level QB.

I think those comments sound a lot like what you hear from NFL guys when they have an older guy as a bridge starter while they wait on the high draft pick to be coached up enough to play. Everyone knows it’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of when.
Hicks is going to have to be awfully good to keep the job.

Best player on the team is always the backup QB with the big arm…until he isn’t.

I suspect that the most effective QB behind a mediocre line is the best quick decision maker whose mobile. If Starkel becomes that I’m sure he’ll start.

While Oline and freshman receivers work out kinks under game conditions, I want the closest thing to another coach on the field as a QB against a clearly over matched opponent.

Loyalty over talent.

Hopefully Starkel starts against Ole Miss. CM stood at the podium and named Hicks the starter and then then proceeded to talk about Nick’s superior physical tools and good grasp of the offense.

I just don’t get it. Barring some gamesmanship happening here, I just can’t wrap my mind around this one.

Arkansas hasn’t had a QB with the NFL talent and swagger of Starkel since Mallet.

This Ole Miss game is not in a good spot on the schedule. We really needed to play 2 or 3 of these cream puffs to start the season before SEC play begins. Why are we playing Ole Miss this early?

He wants a backup QB, after Starkel finally is the starter.

If I had a dollar for every kid with a big arm and swagger that didn’t turn out to be NFL talent…

I’m rooting for Starkel, or for whoever is effective, but after watching both Starkel and Hicks game tapes there is nothing yet that tells me Starkel is NFL talent…unless you go solely by arm strength. Having said that, I think Morris approach is smart if you want to win games and get Starkel on the field.

Because the SEC told us to, probably to have conference games for SECN. This ain’t by choice.

Yeah . . . not that had to figure out.

Every year, the SEC mandates that 2 or 3 conference teams play “meaningful” games in the first 2 weeks. Seems like Alabama is a natural in recent years, playing high-profile non-conference games to kick off the season. But then there is a rotation among the rest of the SEC to play an early conference game.

If you will remember, we started Bielema’s second season with a visit to Auburn in week 1. So, it’s just our turn on the “early SEC game” rotation again.

The most upside? I don’t know if that’s the case with Starkel. He may have a bigger arm, but upside might be mental. It might be knowledge. I’ve been around a lot of quarterbacks who had big arms that were not the guy. I have not seen enough to know that Starkel has the most upside. I am surprised when fans say that and they haven’t been to a practice, either. Puzzled by the continued use of “most upside.”

I’ll point some back to the battle between Chad Jones and Clint Stoerner. Jones had the stronger arm. He was not the one with the most upside. It was clearly Clint. His arm was ok, but not up, up and away strong like Jones.

Mike Kirkland had a bigger arm than Scott Bull. Scott Bull was the better quarterback. Mark Miller might have had a bigger arm, too. There were some other things going on in that three-way battle like injuries.