Start time delayed until 8 tonight

I’m checking to see how this affects TV.

Ole Miss Baseball tweeted “The calm before the storm.” I wasn’t sure if that meant the game or the weather.

It will be on SEC Network.


Good call, 60% at 800 but only 20% until 1100,so maybe we can get started right at 800 and get it in

In the meantime, remember softball plays #3 Bama at 5 p.m. on SECN+.

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Yeah will be watching

That would be 9:00pm Eastern; pretty danged late for a baseball game start, even on a Friday night.

Yes I hated EST the whole time I was in GA.

We’ve lived in the Eastern time zone since 98. I didn’t like it then and don’t like it now. Miss CST.

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Are we still scheduled for 8?


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My Weather Channel App shows thunderstorms looming about 8.

Radar shows serious rain surround
Oxford wouldn’t be surprised if don’t play and play 2 tomorrow

Looks like they made it worse by delaying. Rain and storms will be coming just about 8

Yeah, my weather app shows 100% chance of rain for Oxford at 8:00, 70% at 9:00. Not looking good.

Two storms came through South Arkansas,45min apart,headed Oxfords way they won’t play tonight

Yeah all Green and Yellow on Radar

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