Start Mining the Auburn Commit List

Cause their coach is toast. Same thing for A&M if they lose tonight. Better yet, look at their drive rosters for transfer potentials.

A&M and the Aggies deserve each other! As for Auburn who cares who coaches that fish bowl.

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Just don’t see A&M getting rid of Jimbo just yet. Even the rich Aggies have limits.


Jimbo will postpone the inevitable as he digs deeper to find more excuses & convince aTm how great he will make them.

Somebody needs to post those buyout numbers again, evidently a few posters missed it. :sunglasses:

Over 85 million!!!

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If they had limits they never would have given Jimbo that contract when he cast his eyes across the Sabine River.

Pocket change for A&M. They have folks that can and will write that check and not even have to enter it in their checkbook because it is too small. Maybe a little stretch, but not much.

Agree with Jim on this one. Aggies will write the check & get rid of him. They’ve got money to burn on coaches and the chase to unseat Bama.

For recruiting purposes if the check is given to
Jim Bo they will writes enough checks to keep what’s left of their recruiting class!

Not a stretch in the least.

Harsin is officially gone. Let the raiding begin…

However, not sure there’s much to raid. According to Andy Staples, Auburn has ONE commit for 2023 in the top 200 of the 247 Composite rankings (he’s a running back in case you’re wondering). Bama has 16, Georgia has 15. We have four.

But the transfer portal is another issue.

You are right about that - billions in endowments

Willing to bet Jimbo is in College Station next season. Six pack of your and my favorite beverage on the line.

Thanks for getting the hijacked thread back on subject Swine.