Stars - Just Wondering

I was perusing the On3 website and noticed something I found puzzling. There were no 5* offensive interior linemen, not one, zilch. There were twenty-five 5* quarterbacks. One would think they might be graded on a scale, or at least have a certain standard of performance to be met. If there is a performance standard, I find it hard to believe that not one lineman in the 2023 class met the 5* qualification. Maybe for all the talk of the line being where championships are made, the line is still somewhat denigrated and ignored and the golden boys are lionized. Thoughts?

Not sure what you’re seeing, but I just looked and saw only 24 total 5-stars, various positions. Only 4 5-star QB’s.

Maybe I was in the total category, thinking it was QBs. If so, I will check that out. A delete might be pending, or an edit. The part about zero 5* interior linemen is still valid. With 20-something 4* spread among all of the P5 schools (and beyond), and even more 3*, one can appreciate the value and work that goes into the evaluation process.

Yeah, I noticed no 5-star interior lineman, but that’s not that uncommon. There are a handful of tackles that are 5-stars.

This is why we shouldn’t be overly starstruck. You don’t want to fall too far behind, but a few numbers in the overall scheme is not important. Need at position is.

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