Stars almost aligned ...

First post on the newly combined HI/WholeHog Board … which, btw, I think will be a great move by Clay in the long term … kudos for your own “move to the SEC” vision !

The SEC West is tough, tough, tough … but the stars will align occasionally to allow what is typically a middle-of-the-pack program (i.e. Arkansas, Ole Miss, Miss State) to compete for a division title. Ole Miss was a Hunter Heave away last year, though they cheated to even have a chance. Miss State relied on an All-Century QB to reach never-before-seen success in Starkville the year before. Still, neither Magnolia state team made it to Atlanta because Bama was busy being Bama.

2016 may be one of those years where Bama returns to mere mortal status (while Nick is still coaching) … good enough to win the SEC West, but also beatable … especially early in the season before their all-World rookies gain a little experience. So, this would be an opportune time for Arkansas to field one of its better teams … and while I think the upcoming version of CBB’s Hogs could eventually be pretty good (mainly because of improved defense and kicking game), I would have loved to have had a couple juniors back who left too soon - Denver Kirkland & Alex Collins - to help take the pressure off an inexperienced Austin Allen.

But, if that is the case … that Arkansas may be only 2 or 3 players away from competing for a division crown during one of Bama’s rebuilding years … I still like where the program is headed.


PS Happy Birthday, America !!

Wax…great to hear from you. Love this team and our coach. Go Hogs!