I love Barry Lunney, but the fact that starkel is on the field, dissolves any feeling I had to keep him as HC. And I really do love and respect Barry. I just want to vomit when I see him on the field. That skip pass was sweet, as was that gentle toss into a mass of players


BL had/has zero chance to be our HC.

Getting KJ out was the right thing to do.


What does it matter at this point?
We have NOTHING to work with

Get Jefferson hurt by leaving him in?

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Starkel isn’t the answer at QB1.

It was time to remove KJ. I have no problem at all inserting Starkel. Yeah, he made some of his usual mistakes, but no body was going to move the team tonight.

Jack Lindsey moved the team, with some starters still in on defense. Clearly they’d already started the postgame celebration, but they were in.

No, Jack Lindsey should not start Friday at WMS.

I"m not saying to keep KJ in, although getting our true frosh all the snaps possible is not a bad idea.

But play someone who doesn’t throw a pick 6 every 3rd pass. Lindsey looked great. JSJ ran the option package well against Bama.

So is Starkel just a GREAT practice player, or why on earth do they send him in the games?


Lindsey looks to be the best of the bunch tonight. He can run the offense, throw the ball and can run enough to keep the D honest. He should get to play some against Missouri.

Nick Starkel has regressed. What is the deal with him?

KJ has a looong way to go before he’s a legitimate SEC starting QB. Our new head coach better be (or hire) a great qb coach.

After USC fires Clay Helton, bring him in and his OC Graham Harrell.

He was never as good as many made him out to be

Or we could just hire a better HC and let him choose his own OC, maybe it will be Graham Harrell

If they hire Leach - big if - next year’s starter is not currently on the roster.

No need to talk next year’s starter until we know who the coach is.

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Lindsey may not have been facing all of LSU’s first unit but he was impressive. He ran the ball well and made some nice passes while looking like a guy who had played all year long. I think the best way to describe what he appeared to have that the others have not shown is an instinct for the position. Some things just cannot be taught and he showed a presence that quite frankly the others have not shown. He instinctively seemed to feel pressure and made some nice moves just to buy some time that enabled him to make a couple of throws that the other QB’s just have not shown. Jefferson is a beast back there and you have to remember that he is young and has been on the scout squad all year long to go along but I did not see a feel for the position. He is tough as nails and has power and strength as a runner but the speed and quickness was not shown last night. With that being said LSU is a really good team in a really tough environment.

Jefferson has been getting first team reps for over a month now. He has potential, but as Dudley has said on several occassions, he is not ready. Craddock has to be the worst OC in the country. Our scheme and play calling is atrocious.

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When you have the worst OC in the country and the worst HC in the country, you have an offense that looks like ours, regardless of the talent on the field.

IMO, it’s going to be a real eye opener next year for some fans who keep saying we have no talent. If we hire a really good HC, who brings in a really good staff (offense and defense), there will be posts like this: “How in the world did we only win 4 games in 2 years with this talent”. We may not go to a bowl, but we will certainly win more than 2 games and will improve throughout the season.

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Thank you, Larry. I feel the same way.

Playcalling always looks bad when the line doesn’t block and the quarterback misses open receivers.

I know it is popular to have targets on the coaching staff, and this year there is no shortage, but guess I really do not see the hyper negativity toward Craddock. Not saying he is greator even good, but poor execution and awareness are hard to overcome. Our line is facing such mismatches it is hard to see what would work. Not sure who could have produced with how this team was built. Seems usually offensive lines are either bigger or as big as the players lined up against them, but it was shocking to see how much smaller we tended to be.

Then don’t call long developing pass plays. Have not seen any quick game all season.