Starkel is going’s to get CCM fired


Starkel may have the best arm on the team but he continues to be a turnover machine. His decision making is worse than Ryan Mallett.

CCM needs to move away from Starkel for his own job security and for the best of the football team.


If he keeps him in going forward and in the next 4 games, you might be right.

Time to let JSJ play more than just enough to get the team in the other opponents side. Why did he get pulled when moving the team?

Well, that would be a service to the state of Arkansas.

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Believe that is going to happen anyway!

We can hope.

I agree… Honestly I would really think about telling him to transfer down a level… He is just all over the place every single week…

If Starkel ever plays again as a Razorback, someone should be fired. This doesn’t say a lot about our coaches ability to evaluate talent either.

I’m so tired of being embarrassed. It would be better if Starkel did get him fired. It’s the same blasted mess every week

The same Ryan Mallett that led us to the Sugar Bowl? Really? You’re comparing this circus to the last good QB we had? C’mon man.

You leaving the board would be a great service to the rest of us.

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I love the attempt at censorship… I’ll pass Big Tex😎