Starkel is a Hog

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I know everyone was stoked about the possibility of having Kelly Bryant for this season but getting Hicks and Starkel might end up proving to be a better fit (and more productive) in the long run.

At a minimum we now have legitimate competition among two QB’s that are skilled in running this offense…plus the very talented young pups (Noland and Jefferson). I do hope that Hicks was aware that this was a possibility; it is hard to imagine in this day and age that he wasn’t. And I kind of like the fact that he probably knew it and still chose to come; tells me he won’t shy away from competition.

My how the QB room has changed in a very short time!

Welcome to the Hogs!!!

The left lane may just see a jump in speed.
This young man can sling that ball.

Welcome big guy to the Razorback family. Glad you chose our Hogs.

I still think it’s Hicks’ job to lose, with his knowledge of CM’s playbook and being here for the spring, but August will be very interesting and depth is now much less of a concern.

Daulton Hyatt has to be one step closer to the door though. Unless he’s going to stick it out long enough to get the degree and then do the grad transfer thing. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to leave his girlfriend? <shrug>

Starkel has a strong arm and can sling it. May the best man win.

I haven’t seen arm strength like his since Tarvaris Jackson…he possesses a NFL cannon now.

Well said… we went from QB developmental “Hope” to solid and experienced in the system. Welcome aboard and kudos to this staff for recruiting at a high level.

Excited doesn’t explain it! This is great news and shows CCM will get the talent to the hill to compete in the SEC! Welcome aboard Mr. Starkel. I noticed by his comments how he felt about the hill.
The QB room is better in a very short period of time.
Spring football and baseball an exciting time to be a Hog fan!
Will this show up in the class rankings?

Does make you wonder but got to believe that Hicks knew as CCM has said a bunch of times that we are always in the market for another QB and boy he wasn’t kidding!!! This QB room is legit now!

Unreal and fantastic news. This is great news for the Hogs, the fans, the staff, the QB room etc.!!! More importantly as I have said several times, this is fantastic news for KJ as it gives him time to develop physically and has plenty of time to learn the offense over the next 2 years while being able to play in 4 games and still redshirt! Provided no injuries this sets us up well moving forward at the QB position for sure!

One other thing, this HAS GOT to open eyes to recruits in the State of Texas and around the country that truly are interested in Arkansas and our staff!! One would think the next set of stud WR’s will start to jump on board as well. Man I am thrilled about this!!!

After a tweet from Paula Morris about her daughter wearing an Arkansas shirt on the aTm campus, there was a follow up from Nick Starkel.

Everyone outside of Arkansas has said Coach Morris can & will get it done here. In recruiting & scheme and will build a solid football team here. I just went from 90% to 100% true believer.
Welcome aboard Mr Starkel.


this is very good news!!

going to be a heck of a QB room the next 3-4 yrs if we get chandler and king and even if we just get one of them to go with Starkel,KJ,Noland. good times ahead for this offense

Lose Kelly and Story, pick up 2 grad transfers. Yes that was a big upgrade, huge. Now get a linebacker.

Or 2!!! :smiley:

I think it’s a good get, and I also think is says something about our QB situation.

Now I’m hoping Coach Fry can work some magic with the O Line! Give the QB time just a little time and the left lane may open up.

That is certainly the BIG question. What can the Oline do for these guys? Without them, the QBs and the rest are nothing.