Star Wars: A New Hope on Defense

I’m very hopeful the defense will be quite a bit better next year, but that is obviously hard to argue when you’ve been so bad the previous few years. So over the past few days I slowly put this list together, which you can access via the link below. Listed is every defensive player Bielema has signed by year, followed by each signee’s top three offers. I scoured 247, ESPN, and Richard and Dudley’s stories for the most accurate offer listings.

It’s obvious to me the talent and recruiting level on the defensive side of the ball is going in the right direction, and that next year may be the year it finally begins to pay off.

But you can see for yourself and make up your own mind:

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That’s an interesting chart. Good work. My only real disagreement is I think any Power 5 offer is a major offer. May be semantics, but that’s how I would rate them. Thanks for the info.

Yeah I actually totally agree. But I thought i’d get a lot of negative feedback here if I included the likes of Kentucky and Iowa State. So I might have graded it harder than necessary.

One important thing to remember here is that “Auburn” for instance has been out-recruiting us
for years, but if you can’t keep them in school what good does it do. I think CBB is recruiting good students and character. It surprises me that Saban does the best job in this area and that he still fields a championship team every year. When he retires I’ll be celebrating with a Dr Pepper!

Yes, I consider Nebraska and Ok St major offers.