Star Rating Reference

Where do you get your player rankings from? What service do you use? I’m just trying to see so I can understand when you say a player is rated highly I can go to your source. Because Rivals and 24/7 are different than what you’re saying.


I like 247 composite. Adds all of them together, however sometimes it doesn’t have a rating for a player from some sites and drops them down.

Although I think sometimes the offer list can tell a better story, depending on the situation.

Elmo wants the service that will make our recruits look the worst. He needs some ammunition to whine about CCM.

Trying to help you out, Elmo.

Certainly nothing wrong with your question and I know many are very interested in the recruiting rankings and stars, but the priority to me is how high this guy is on the Arkansas pecking order of prospects. I like it when we get a high percentage of the guys that our coaches deem as their preferred kid at a specific position. To me I want a staff who gets a high percentage of the kids they place their focus. I feel this is a good way for me to assess the staff, if we get the kids they want and they do not produce on the field with good results and a strong winning percentage , then it helps me to know we when we need to move on. If we don’t win the February beauty contests(now December, too) those other details will be good enough.

I look at all of them, but the most important thing to me is the offer list. That tells me the most. I am not talking about “showing interest”, but in real, actionable offers. Certainly not always the case, especially with AR boys, but I want to see the teams we have to play on that list. When it looks like a whos who in the SEC, then I figure that is good enough for me.

I believe you are right. Successful coaches with their jobs on the line have more to gain or lose by being right then the various services that rate players. However, on average, the coaches offering and rating services pretty much agree.

Are you asking RD, DD, or the other posters? The writers here aren’t going to use a competitors rankings, for the most part. I believe they use ESPN and Tom Lemming’s rankings. Myself, I prefer 24/7’s composite rankings.

I know in the stories that we write that we put the reference - be in ESPN, 24/7, Rivals, Scout, Tom Lemming, etc.

Would make no sense to just toss something out there and not give the source so I can only guess that you are not reading through the stories.

I use ESPN a lot and the 24/7 composite rankings - which combined ESPN, Rivals, Scout and 24/7 rankings.

It really does seem like you look for the negative in anything that the current head coach does.

As noted in my story, Lemming has him a 4-star and Rivals and Scout 3.

If it makes you feel better to think he’s a 3-star, that’s fine.

No matter whether he is a 3 or a 4, he is a really good football player that has a great offer list. Not really sure why you are looking for the negative, other than your animus toward Morris.

Dudley, not trying in anyway to defend elmo, but I understand what he is saying, maybe he didn’t express it good enough.

It’s a question I’ve had a few times, you or RD will put highly ranked, and it’ll be a consensus 3*. He will be a high 3* (for example, 4* is .9200, and they’ll be a .9082). I, personally, don’t consider 3*’s highly ranked, but I understand that a 3* at .9082 is higher ranked than a 3* at .8082, Sometimes, however, you’ll say a highly ranked player and one service will have him as a .8989, and the rest of the services will have him at a .8000 or unranked. Agim is a good example, for a long time ESPN had him as a 5* Top 10 recruit and 247 had him as a 3* ranked in the .8900 range. Towards the end of the recruiting season he leaped up on all to a consensus top player.

Or, you guys will put “highly recruited”. The guy could have 30 offers, but they’re from Sun Belt, Mtn West, maybe one from the B12, and SEC (which is us). Then other times you say highly recruited and he will have like 10-15 offers, but it’ll be a whose who of teams (Multiple SEC, ACC, B1G, B12, PAC12) offering.

It gets kind of confusing. I’m not saying in anyway, shape, or form that you and RD are wrong, but I understand the confusion on that question.

I suppose it is a matter of how you look at it, but year after year in basketball and football, I read how great our recruiting is. Nevertheless, at the end of the recruiting season when I see how we compare with the other SEC colleges, we are usually in the lower half. However, we did easily make the top half in basketball. And, just now per 247 Sports in football for 2018 we are last in the SEC but we also have the fewest recruits.

I think it’s how you look at it. There are class averages. A few years back our class avg in football was like .8800. That’s high 3* average. Anyways, we were ranked like 12th in the SEC and 35th in the nation, BUT if you looked at the .8800 we moved up to 10th in the SEC and Top 25 nationally. You can pretty much guess who the nine SEC teams and the non SEC teams that were ahead of us in average. Me, and I’ve said this before, am a pessimist, I see a glass half empty, I hope someone will fill it up, but I don’t look at it as half full. So, I look at everything because I know I’m a pessimist. But I think there are some on here that know they’re optimistic or ones that know they’re pessimistic and they think it HAS TO BE their way.

As I get older, I start listening to guys who probably know way more than me. I’ll use RazorAg in basketball recruiting, if we recruit a kid who isn’t highly recruited and Razor says he is being underrated, he would know, but some on here would question him, not realizing how much he knows about basketball and basketball recruiting.

Don’t ever recall saying highly ranked or a kid with 30 offers and loaded up with non-power 5 offers.

I am not a so-called recruiting guru or scout - meaning I don’t claim to be able to know whether kids should be 3, 4 or 5 stars.

I do know that I have seen several 4s turned out better than 5s, 3s than 4s and even some 3s better than 5s.

I am a recruiting writer. I bring recruiting news.

When I use highly-regarded or highly-recruited, I am using what are now known as Power 5 offers.

I don’t ever recall using highly-regarded or highly-recruited with somebody who was not being recruited by Power 5s