Stansbury owns mike

And I hate that, he’s such a sleazy cheater.

Man their frosh big man is a better college player than Gafford, although I think Gafford projects better to nba. So poised and such mature offensive moves

Man I can’t stand stansbury

And we looked like a young team today, when 3s don’t fall we are very pedestrian

This wasn’t a fluke, at this point in the season, WKU is better than we are

Man I hope we can play those punks later this year


The minute I see hope, we pull this crap both players and coaches. Stansbury switched defenses all game. What a good game plan. Yep he schooled our coaches. Typical Arkansas.

So did we and we also broke their defenses multiple times. So again, I don’t understand comments like this. It’s like you didn’t actually watch the game, but just the final score.

Let’s not forget that this is a very young Razorback team and will take a few lumps this year. This is WKU team that despite their 5-4 record has now beaten the Hogs and West Virginia away from home.
I figured this would be a close game from the time I saw it on the schedule especially knowing that they have a future lottery pick playing center that is the same height as Gafford, but about 12 pounds heavier and has quite a bit of talent displayed on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court.
I did believe that we would still be able to win this game by 5-10 points with it being at BWA, but WKU was having none of it.
Bassey was definitely the best big on the floor today at BWA and that should be a wake up to Gafford as to what yep of guy he will be facing every night in the NBA.
Gafford will most likely play for multiple years in the NBA, but he has to get stronger than he is at this time in order to be anything more than a role player in the league.
This is just one loss, but a home non-conference loss and the fact that we blew that initial game to Texas which has since fallen mightily we simply can’t afford to loose any more of the non-conference games prior to the start of conference play.
I do think this team can win between 20-23 games and have a chance at an at large NCAA bid as long as they continue to play hard at both ends of the floor.

Go Hogs!

Agree with you General, very tight close game. They made the shots at the end and we did not. Tonight, their half court game was better than our fullcourt game. Still room for a lot of growth in this team. Give them some time.

Anderson 10 wins, Stansbury 5 in their match-ups according to the game notes.

Watched every second with a house full of fans. We just call it like we see it. Not sure you watched game. Announcers commented on their switching defenses to try and confuse a young team which it did. We will get better. I do believe we have finally got some key pieces in place once they ripen a bit. Can’t win em all but both games we lost were very winnable

Calling it like you see it doesn’t make it accurate, and that applies to me as well. Yes, WKU changed defenses, I didn’t deny it, but I deny that Anderson didn’t adjust or make defensive adjustments either.

Were a free throw and a block shock from being prematurely ranked in the top 15-20. Heck at 8-1 were ranked come Monday morning.

Why can’t we just take this loss as a good learning experience for all those incoming freshmen that will be Juniors by the time say some combination of the below:

PG: Gerald Doakes
SG: Bryce Thompson
SF: Moses Moody
PF: Chris Moore
C: Jaylin Williams

Arrive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, or should I say, don’t count on highly ranked recruits coming home to roost when we won’t pay them or their families to sign with the Hogs.
I like you hope they do, but just saying we’ve been left hanging out to dry before buy home grown kids that could’ve made a difference to our program and bolted for a better business decision.

Go Hogs!

According to ADG this am, Stansbury is “5-10 IN BUD WALTON as a head or assistant coach”

idk what the overall record is, but we’ve never won much at that dump (the HUmp)

And he’s been at WKU a couple years, MIke’s been here forever, and he just left our place with a W.


I did not see Mike miss any free throws yesterday. We hit free throws and this team is undefeated.

You got that right. College basketball has become a Pro/Am and we’ve been playing with a lot more ams than pros. I doubt that’s going to change. I sure don’t see any help coming from the NCAA. Even after the revelations that have come out of this FBI investigation, some big name scum bags are still firmly entrenched in their jobs. Even as their assistant coaches are prosecuted for crimes!

Yep. Totally unreasonable for such a young team to be expected to not have off games. More critical is learning from this, and closing the obvious gaps in our game. If we can make it tough for opposing coaches to prep for UA maybe even have a “zig” for when opponents “zag” we will finish the year worrying about our NCAAT seed/bubble.

Please keep in mind that if the team could hit most of their free throws, this team would probably be undefeated. Two losses by a combined 2 points isn’t bad for a team made up of freshmen and sophomores. The team will get better as the season progresses. Will that mean a Tournament bid? Too early to say. But don’t count Anderson and this team out yet.

Comments: you know there something to be said about an individual that will blatantly lie about the wins vs losses between these two coaches. Regardless if you are upset regarding the outcome of the game last night I believe this team will overcome this early loss. Plenty of coaching moments and reflections for team to be better for it.