Stanley's mucho manly thundering dunk

Could have used about 1.2 more seconds of hang time. Glad we hung on, but that game took years off my life.


Should have dribbled it out instead

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Also appeared to draw contact for an and one on the dunk. I felt a lot of whistles were swallowed (both ways) in this one.


Poor BB IQ there

I wouldn’t go that far. He saw an opportunity to attack and he took it. I was surprised that the Ags were given that much time after the dunk. And I thought they were out of timeouts?

It was the best play, a dunk always is. He got mauled.
Refs were awful, and they intentional it appeared all night keep the pace to A&Ms favor. We helped a little in the fact we only have one guard on our team.

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They were, but that stupid kerfuffle with dimming the lights and setting off the fireworks forced a pause in the game. Enough time for them to talk something out. Without that they would have had to go to an immediate inbound with no chance to draw something up.

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Actually the best play was to pass to Toney for a uncontested game ending dunk. But he did a good job.

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I think the best play would have been to stop where he was and hold the ball. He was so alone I don’t think anybody could have gotten to him before the clock ran out. And if they did, there wouldn’t have been enough time left for them to realistically get a rebound on a missed free throw and get a shot off.

Sounds like we need a new kerfuffler. One who has enough discipline to wait for the buzzer before beginning the kurfuffling.

He had several options but his worked out.

Maybe he should have dribbled out, but he was fouled on the dunk.

The reason they stoped play was to review the time, which they gave them 1.2 instead of .9 after the review.

Here’s what Matt put in his write up:

“Arkansas players ran onto the floor and the lights went out following Umude’s dunk. That interruption gave the Aggies a chance to set up the Diarra heave from just inside of half court.”

I agree with that. I think without that interruption it would have been play on, Aggies ball on the baseline. That’s normally how it goes. But having to stop play due to the kerfuffle, the refs took the opportunity to review the clock.

Without that interruption, the refs calling an official timeout and giving the no-timeout Aggies a chance to go to the bench and draw something up would have been out of line, even for these terrible refs tonight.

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Actually, thinking about it, they could have called a technical on Arkansas bench for rushing the floor with time still on the clock. So I guess caught a little bit of a break there.

We tried so hard to win and tried so hard to lose.

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Interesting that Muss said in the post-game that he wanted Umude to attack the basket in that situation instead of trying to just dribble it out. He thought they would have fouled him with time left on the clock if he didn’t.

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Score, score, score and win the game!!! stop calling the players dumb, they have enough “IQ” to be playing D-1 Basketball. I wonder how much BB IQ some of you had when you played D-1… oh you never played?


That was my first thought. The bald ref was gonna T us up. He always tries to show out.