Stanley's mucho manly rebound and put back

Was the kind of play that can transform a season. If the tiggers rebound that ball and score on the other end, we could well have left Baton Rogue with a deflating loss. Well done Stanley. A fine mess you got us out of.


Indeed. That was a defining moment. The three-point shot by Williams was a dagger reminiscent of Scotty’s famous shot.


Toney with the assist.

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That was a defining moment by Umude. Couldn’t come at a better time.
Through all the TO’s and missed layups, the men just hustled back on defense get another stop and rebound came fighting right back.

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A 17-2 run at the end of a road game, against the nation’s 12th ranked team is a really big deal.

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I thought Toney’s tip-in was pivotal also.

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