Stanley Umude

It looks like the Hogs have reached out and offered Stanley Umude one of the top studs in the mid major level. Also it seems that Muss and his coach are SD are pretty dang close. That cant hurt and I figure one to keep an eye on. RD what do you think?

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Umude and Toney would be big time pickups. Both are big, long guards who can shoot and defend.

I believe we now have 3 spots to fill with Desi leaving, would be shocked if that doesn’t grow by 1 or 2.

Would love that combo!

They are very hot on a trail of several and like I said, I expect we could hear some news fairly soon.

With new guys jumping into the portal everyday, I’m going to use my favorite word and say the situation is fluid.

FWIW, Arkansas doesn’t technically offer transfers.

Seems like the young men in the portal would make decisions very quickly because of how quick schools choose someone.

Looks like you could have an offer today and it be gone today if you don’t move fast enough.

Good to know RD! Some young jabroni reporter is putting it out there that these schools are offering these dudes!

If it’s not an offer to join the team, what is it, RD? Is the scholly mandatory, or is it “extended” instead of “offered”. I’m confuzzed.

Most likely returnees, remembering that everyone gets an extra year because of COVID:

Juniors: JD, Baybe, Kamani, Mawein (I suspect Ethan is gone)

Sophs: CV (I lean toward Muss giving him another chance because you can’t teach 7-3)

Freshmen: KK, Devo, Jaylin

New freshmen: Moore

So that’s four openings, possibly more if Baybe or CV leave. Could be filled from the portal, or Okwera, or somebody else under the radar at the moment.

I would say the word for people from the portal is probably “accepted”.

So CEM accepts the player’s offer to transfer? So I guess if that’s the case, we don’t “reach to the recruits” as the twitter feeds show? We just return the calls of players? Or do we reach out to see if they’d like to make an offer? This is fascinating!

We can reach out to the player, gauge their interest while at the same time deciding if they’d fit our roster and our needs (somebody who has to get 20 shots a game and has no interest in playing defense probably isn’t going to be a good fit with Muss, for instance). At that point Muss may say, thanks but no thanks. Or if he thinks it’s a fit, we move forward from there.

Any chance Mawein would be considered a Soph, since everybody’s getting an extra year?

I’m not sure. The extra year applies to everyone in Division I in the 2020-21 winter sports season. But Mawein wasn’t in Division I; he was in juco. That’s an interesting question to answer.

Assuming the NCAA meant what it said in October, I would say Mawein would be a junior. But that has yet to be confirmed. @RichardDavenport?

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Umude can play the 2-4 and maybe even the 5 (depending on the opponents). He played the 4 and the 5 vs. Kansas and, as Coach Self said in the post-game press conference, he was the best player on the court! He is strong, athletic, can shoot, rebound and get to the basket. He is a man physically! I’d like to see him in a Razorback uniform, but only Muss knows if that will happen.

interesting read on FL gator portal interests, they got easily seen needs

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