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The max/min temp in Palo Alto tomorrow will be 68/48. (Not sure if a wind chill factor applies.) Heat Index in Omaha will be at least 105. Hopefully the Cardinal will struggle to breathe by bottom of 1st inning.

48 isn’t low enough for a wind chill.

But I don’t think either team is used to 105 HI. It’s minimized in baseball, however, because you get to go back in the shade at least eight times per game.

I’ve worked in the Palo Alto area in the summer. You better take a jacket!
Damp, cool and windy conditions feel much colder than the official temperature. Wind Chill is the perception of air temperature, not a technical measurement.

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I know exactly what wind chill is, and how is is determined. There’s a reason it’s called WIND chill; if there is no wind, there is no chill, regardless of dampness. And it’s calculated using a complicated formula involving the temperature in Fahrenheit and the wind speed in mph. Which would make it a technical measurement (the original formula was developed by researchers in Antarctica in the 1940s who were trying to figure out how long it takes things to freeze down there).

Wind chill has its limitations and some have suggested it should be replaced by the Universal Thermal Climate Index, which does take humidity into account as well as temperature and wind speed. But WC is a useful thumbnail to know when to bundle up.

As for the “feels like” and “Real Feel” numbers some of the weather websites throw out there, I have no idea how those are calculated.

We aren’t really talking wind chill in Omaha in the summer

It’s the Heat Index, which factors humidity

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Nonetheless- I hope the HI has an impact on Stanford late in the game. I would think we have practiced in it more these past couple of weeks to be better prepared. I will take any little advantage to win game 1!

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