Stanford soccer captain found dead

In her on-campus residence at age 22. Nothing yet on cause of death.

Life is fleeting, gang.

The parents have now revealed that Meyer’s death was a suicide. They said there were zero red flags and that she always seemed positive and upbeat.

Tell people you love them. You might not get another chance.

It also occurs to me that, while the life of a D-1 athlete seems glamorous, they’re under a lot of pressure. And some of them might not be able to handle that pressure.

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Apparently she was involved in some kind of campus incident where she defended a fellow student and may have been distressed about an upcoming hearing. What a shame.

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Yeah you never ever really understand these types of things. She obviously felt incredibly stressed about something, it’s just so sad that she thought that the best answer was to take her life. She was such a beautiful young lady, just very very sad

Terrible news. Speaking of pressure on college athletes, could be even more pressure with academics as well at a school like Stanford.
May God bless her family thru this.

Yes….that is what I have read as well. Clearly the actions and issues from that were too much to deal with and that is so incredibly sad. She had an incredible future ahead of her with a shot a professional league. So very sad for the family and sad she is gone way to early!

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