Stanford reverses sports cuts

The school announced it was dropping 11 sports during/due to the pandemic. Now it’s not dropping any. Alums and current athletes raised $40 million to save the sports which certainly helped.

Great news for Olympic sports and many many athletes that enjoy scholarships to these sports and hire their skills to try to compete at the highest levels.

thats great news, Stanford is great for our Olympic teams.


It made me sick when they dropped light weight rowing.


A lot of the sports Stanford tried to cut were country club sports that have benefactors. These benefactors contribute to the university at large and the university received blowback from them. There were people inside the university that saw getting rid of those sports as a way to reduce upper-class influence in the school and increase diversity (most athletes in those sports are white or Asian-American). The best laid plans of mice and men.

Interesting take. Considering that Stanford is an epicenter
in the PC world, it makes sense. I had not thought of the impact losing those sports might have on Olympic performance for USA team, so I am glad to see them remain. Really beautiful campus and storied professors. From an environmental aspect, I can see why Stanford has recruiting success.

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