Stanford eliminates 11 varsity teams


Great find RD. Really big news for the NCAA. Stanford always racked up national titles with their extensively large range (56?) of athletic sports teams. Had very little competition in the minor non-revenue producing sports. However, even with the elimination of 11 sports, they still have a massive program with 45 varsity teams.


Sad to see this happening in our country.

Schools such as Stanford were feeder systems to US Olympic participation and allowed US to dominate Medals Table in most of the Olympics. Watching USA athletes win medals and the USA national anthem being played to honor gold medalists always gave me goosebumps and feel that national pride.

Sad to see a somewhat erosion of that.

As many are saying, with this virus, we will never be he same again.

BTW, Stanford has won the All-Sports trophy many times. Now the field will come back to them.

Cuts them from 36 to 25 sports which is still more than most schools. It’ll hurt them some in Directors Cup but not all that much; they’ve been winning DC by huge margins anyway.

Crappy Pac-12 TV deal doesn’t help, that’s for sure.

To my knowledge this is the first Power Five cutback and it’s a big one. But it won’t be the last.

hate to heart this, not only for the athletes involved, but for our Olympic teams. The PAC-12 or 16 or whatever has been so good for so many non-revenue sports.


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