Stanford and Moo U tied in the 3rd

Vandy starts later.

that place is insane!!

Yeah after watching this game, I started thinking how Baum needs some upgrades… lol that doesn’t even seem right to say, but man…

That place is insane, I agree

No doubt, very impressive. Which is kind of why I hope we left a little room for modifications with the upcoming Baum upgrades. I am all for all the improvements for the players and coaches, but still wish we would find a way to add at least a few more premium seats than the couple hundred (if that) on the plans and then also incorporate the outfield entrance, which was in the original plans, and a way to completely walk around the entire ballpark. While the facility plans are nice, it doesn’t look that impressive to me on the outside like it would if it incorporated a little more seating in that area. Not so much that it would look bad in the early season games if empty, but enough that we could sell another 1,000 or so for later season and post season.

Baum-Walker is about to get some upgrades. It won’t be quite as large as Dudy Noble but it won’t be far behind, and I think it will move past Alex Box. OM lists 11,477 at Swayze but I think some of those seats are imaginary. Dudy took away the Left Field Lounge for the new construction, which took their official capacity to 13,000. The Hog Pen won’t be affected at all.

Yurachek said last week that there will be a few hundred capacity added, including a home run porch in right. It occurs to me that they could add more suites in left field while completely maintaining the Hog Pen underneath it.

Speaking of capacity, I caught myself wondering today how many tickets we could have sold if we had somewhere to put them. Probably at least 20,000. Which is at least how many fans we had in Omaha for the NCS.

yeah they have spent some serious coin to make it real Resorty and the crowd is up and hollering on every pitch,you know the Cali boys never seen anything close to that atmosphere. died now some since they are up 6-1 but they are lathered up :lol:

Speaking of capacity, I caught myself wondering today how many tickets we could have sold if we had somewhere to put them. Probably at least 20,000. Which is at least how many fans we had in Omaha for the NCS.


Probably could have sold close to that many if we had the space, as you said, which begs the question from me…How do we sell 13,472 tickets for a March game last year against USC, but supposedly sell out all of our tickets at 11,350 for the Super Regional this year?

Did we reduce seating area somewhere?
Did we decide to cut off the number for the Hog Pen at over 2K less than previous years?
Maybe we knew not that many would show up in March, so just took advantage of the chance to sell more GA then?
Since the NCAA supposedly gets a cut of the gate for the tournament, do we under-report sales?

Can’t blame it on the stupid scanners this time since we reported 11,350 sold and 10,824 actual today…so what gives?

Not that important in the grand scheme of things, I’m just curious. Everyone always talks about there being plenty of tickets for sale outside before games, so I think we should oversell some on the GA seats anyway. But from TV, it sure didn’t appear you could have crammed many more in there today.

I just wonder with the new alcohol rules, and what you can expect in increased revenue from it, if they don’t consider making some tweaks to the plans that are already in place for upgrades

I definitely think that the hog pen can be camped up a little bit.

Hog Pen is already a beer garden. They just bring in the beer from outside. I don’t see that changing too much but they could certainly put a tap or 20 inside the stadium.

Right, no I’m thinking more of like as in having more elevated platforms out there toward the back, better than the bleachers there. It gets hard to see if it’s crowded and you’re in the back. I think that something pretty cool could be done with an elevated platform out there.

I won’t be surprised if they duplicate what they’re doing in right field in left, with a platform and suites over the Pen just like RF will be over the visitors bullpen.

I’m all for it.

Especially if it doesn’t take away from GA to that area