Standing ovation for Noland!!

What an incredible game!! Never would have thought he could have shut that offense out for 7 innings!! Way to go my man!!boy you have to be impressed with both him and wicklander we are developing a rotation just at the right time!

Definitely deserved it. Let’s finish this game off strong. Huge weekend for the Hogs!

Surprised he’s coming back out for the 8th. I guess they’ll let him finish 8 and let Kosty throw the ninth.

Nice touch DVH. Nolan deserved that ovation.

The first one to hug him was Isaiah.

Glad DVH did that let the crowd acknowledge that effort that gave me chill bumps!!

Noland looked like a man out there. Great job!

Superb pitching effort, timely hits, great HR. I had hoped Noland would give us 4 good innings…but 7+ was amazing. WPSweep

What an asset Noland should be down the road…

Great performance by Noland. I was more than suprised with his command. He stayed ahead of most batters and held the top offense in the SEC to 0 through 8 innings. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next weekend.
Pure class by DVH for changing pitchers with 2 outs in the 8th where Noland could get the standing ovation from the fans in Baum.

I loved that he did that. Kid deserved the standing O & it was great of DVH to recognize it & give him the chance to enjoy it.

Awesome performance by Noland and a great confidence builder for him as well.
DVH knew the kid would get there at some point. And a class act by Coach to let the crowd acknowledge it.