Standing O for the Pitching Staff

Give up only five runs all weekend that is unbelievable! Offense has a long ways to go especially against left-handers. Hopefully we can continue to pitch this well and our offense warm up because we will need to beat the better teams. I know this is going to be a tough series with all their left-handers but I thought we would hit the ball better than we did but we hit it when we had to! Proud to be 3-0 hard to sweep in this league.

They pitched well, especially in some clutch situations. MU couldn’t get on the board despite bases loaded & <2 outs. That 1st inning yesterday was huge. The one HR today was too bad, but at least it only tied it. I felt good when we got a runner on 2d with only 1 out. I just kept hoping we wouldn’t hit into a DP.

Pitching was outstanding, especially Campbell and Cronin. It’s always great to sweep an SEC series.

Hope I’m wrong, but I’ve come away from this series more worried about the rest of our SEC series than I was before this one started. We scored just 9 total runs in 3 games, with a high game of 4 runs. Hopefully, I’m wrong about the MO pitching staff and they turn out to be a great staff, but I’m afraid we will face better pitchers in about all our other SEC series.

Hopefully, I’m worried about nothing and our offense will kick it in gear as the weather warms up. I just expected lots more out of Casey, Kjerstad and Fletcher. On the flip side though, Franklin and Nesbit have been amazing freshmen with both the bat and the glove. And, mentally winning these close one run games could prove really important as we play all these other ranked SEC teams.

Great sweep!

Actually, the pitching from both teams looked very good. The thinking generally is good pitching handles good hitting. I’m not sure the Hogs demonstrated good hitting this weekend, perhaps a couple timely (efficient) hits.

Still, a sign of a good team is when they can offset their opponents when the opponents are playing well. That’s what I saw this weekend.

Of course, Missouri’s pitching might not be great, but they looked good. It’ll be interesting to see how Missou fares next week against Ole Miss.

Opitz was great on the dbl plays picking off the base stealers after strike outs. Good job by pitchers getting their pitches there quickly also.
Offense will come around, not very often we should face 3 lefties in a row in a series.

I think we might have caught Mizzou near their peak this season, at least in terms of their pitching. Their bullpen is a glaring weakness, and they will not get 20 innings from their starting pitching every weekend. I suspect guys like Sikkema that are being over used this early will wear down long before conference play ends. So, I get why our bats struggled. They have some really good left handed starters right now that we let get into a groove against us. When that starts to break down though, they might get blown out in some Saturday and Sunday games.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid these hard fought wins won’t look all that great RPI wise by the end of the year, but I’m not particularly worried about our bats because I think Mizzou is pitching really well right now.

IIRC Misery only used four pitchers the entire weekend. Sikkema has gone 110+ pitches two straight weeks. That’s gonna catch up with him I suspect. They were going to keep those lefthanders in against us as long as they could. But they still got swept.

It was 5 pitchers used on the weekend for Mizzou, and I suppose its also worth noting that they pitched 2.2 fewer innings than we did on the weekend. Is it crazy to think that we might have won by bigger margins on the road at their place if they have to pitch the full 9 each night?