Standford gets beat

CS Fullerton just put Standford out! #2 national seed didn’t help them. CS Fullerton is better than their record shows!

Arkansas beat more Top 50 RPI teams (24) than Stanford played (19).

There are those who say you shouldn’t knock a team because of their schedule. But teams who play tougher schedules are better prepared for post-season success.

If you’re not going to be battle tested by teams up and down your conference, maybe you ought to rethink your OOC scheduling.

Two of the top eight seeds are gone already.

Stanford played Fullerton in February and swept them. Won three out of four at Texass. Beat Gonzaga, a tournament team. Their NC schedule was really better than ours. But what they didn’t have that we had is having to play 11 straight weekends in their conference against somebody ready and able to cut your throat and drink your blood.