Stan Heath gets his fourth job

Good luck to Stan. He’s had great success in the MAC before. Albeit with someone else’s players.

Interesting. Stan may do better as a head college basketball this time around, with the portal and constantly changing player turnover. Like CEM, he’s spent the last 3 or 4 years as the head coach of the Orlando Magic’s G-league team. Maybe he’ll be better equipped to handle the new recruiting/portal system that is college basketball.

Stan didn’t do great at Arkansas, but he was about 10 times better than Pelphrey. He at least went to the NCAA tournament his last 2 years with his own players. Pelphrey went once, with Stan’s players in his first year.

Good luck to Stan. By the way he’s now the same age as Muss.

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Stan also left a huge mess for Pelphrey to clean up (the reason Dana Altman disappeared after 24 hours). The program was a dumpster fire off the floor.

The problem was though, that instead of Pelphrey “cleaning it up”, he made it worse. Evidenced by Mike losing scholarships in his first season following Pelphrey. Kids weren’t on target to graduate, making their grades, or going to classes during his reign. All this while also losing basketball games at an alarming rate.

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I’m guessing he was aways the same age as Muss…


Man that made me laugh out loud…thanks for that mike!

:grinning: pretty poorly worded. What I was trying for with the age comparison to Muss, was that 56 wasn’t too old to resurrect his college head coaching career from the GLeague.

But yes, I’m pretty sure they were also the same age 20 years ago, but with different careers.

That was pretty funny though.

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Ya sorry I got a little more smarta$$ in me than most…

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Me too, minus the smart

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