Staff wants more consistency from Brian Wallace

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This is NOT good news… if he is inconsistent now, wait till the real games start! We can’t afford to have a breakdown in the OL. With BW on the right side, at least AA can see the DE coming off the edge when he gets by BW and maybe avoid a sack!

no excuses are acceptable as long as he has been here,kid doesnt have great feet and is just nowhere near as good as his 4* ranking but he;s the best we have so hopefully he can get it together.

My only concern is for a coach known for O lines in year four.

Is it recruiting, developing, or can’t happen at Arkansas.

Surely a great SEC O line can happen at Arkansas.

Next man up! It has to be better than last year. They may be trying to motivate him I hope. If the young man isn’t capable of playing at a high level on every play and takes plays off maybe it’s time to leave him off the roster. That may sound harsh but it the grand scheme of things I want to have folks in my foxhole that are ready to do battle!
Turn Frank Ragnow loose on him.
Do something but play the best player to do the job. My question is if he is consider the best option to start their must be some glaring problems from those others in the depth chart!

Perhaps it is a motivational tactic. We’ll see soon enough. Obviously, there have been some recruiting misses, but there also were have been some good signees that have not lived up to their potential.