Staff summary as of 12/24 at noonish

DC: Barry Odom, $1.2 million
OC: Kendal Briles, $1.0 million
OL: Brad Davis, $550K
TE: Jon Cooper (reported); made $165K at UCF
CB: Sam Carter, $225K
LB: Rion Rhoades, $225K
WR: Justin Stepp (holdover), made $400K last year.

Total of $3.765 million if Cooper and Stepp maintained last year’s pay level; I doubt they will. Cooper will probably make at least as much as Carter and Rhoades. I’m guessing the updated total for those seven will be about $3.9M, leaving $1.1Mish for the final three spots under Yurachek’s promised pool of about $5 million.

TBA out of those final three: RB, DL (DT/DE?), STC, Safeties, ILB/OLB if there are two. Odom was a linebacker coach in the past so he may share that position with Rhoades. I’m assuming but have not seen it confirmed that KB will be the QB coach as well.

Or could there perhaps be WR coaches - inside and outside?

I thought Davis was the OL coach, no?

You’re correct. Fixing,.

I don’t know if I’ve seen that even in spread teams, but I guess it’s possible. Seems like they cross train receivers to play inside and out depending on which package is in and who’s available/not available (injuries, just ran two deep routes and needs a rest, etc.).

I would think there would be a decent chance that Cooper could get the STC job to help justify his raise. If so, I would expect him to be in the $275-325 range. Assistant at UCF is a nice job, an it will take a pretty big raise to get him and to keep UCF from matching.

Does 400k for Stepp seem a little high to you guys?

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It’s what CM was paying him; it was a $50K bump from his 2018 salary. He has eight years experience as a WR coach and put two guys in the NFL from his last SMU team. Seems to be well regarded as a recruiter as well and maintains our recruiting ties in Texas.

Not an on-field position, but there has been speculation that we might bring back Tank Wright, Kiero Small or both for S&C; they’re both working under Ben Herbert at Michigan. Tank is making $150K and Small is making $104K at U-M. They would not be under that $5M salary pool, I don’t think.

Nope. Very good coach, very good recruiter.

I think he deserves more, if we’re being honest. (Granted he’s making a lot, a lot of money, just saying his worth, is also a lot) He’s one of the hardest workers and recruiters I’ve seen on the Hill. He’s great