Staff Hires

Has Muss completed his staff yet? I believe Corey Williams is classified as an assistant, and that Ruta is “here”. However, I’m still not sure of Ruta’s role. Have I missed something? Have the assistant hires been completed? If so, who does what?
Thanks in advance.

He’s still working on his staff. He’s not in a hurry. Coach Williams is the only addition that’s been announced so far, although Ruta will obviously have a role.

You haven’t missed anything. Musselman said on the radio a couple of days ago that he has a “couple of spots” left to fill in terms of assistants as well as support staff. I believe I will get to interview him this Thursday. If we don’t learn of anything new staff-wise before then I’ll for sure ask.

On the College Hoops Today podcast with Jon Rothstein, Eric Musselman said, “Hopefully we’ll have a staff full and complete here in the very-near future.” He added that he has hired a couple of support staff guys who have been tremendous during this transition period. … ar-future/

Thanks Scottie. Looking forward to your Thursday report.

Who needs a staff? I think we are good.

he expected to have his full staff by next weekend. said he’s been hosting players nearly every day, following current players through finals and doing “all the paperwork for that” ( I think he meant NCAA eligibility stuff?).

Now that finals are over, sounds like they are working on individual drills and staff hires.

It’s really hard to imagine hte hours these coaches put in, especially how MOrris and Muss came in like a barnstorming tour.