Staff changes or else

Question: if CMA is urged to make staff changes or be fired, could we really expect a difference maker to be hired? Who would want to work for a coach on such thin ice?

I believe if that is asked of Mike, and a lot of people claim it’s already happened, that Mike will say NO.

I do believe that’s been his problem since he’s been here. I personally think he should shake up his staff. I think he needs coaches to coach various positions and skills that they actually played, instead of all guards. Again JMO

First off, I don’t expect Hunter is that dumb.


There’s no doubt in my mind if we recruit better Mike would be one of the best coaches in the Conference so add a stud recruiter, like Kenny Payne and yes, i would expect it to be better.

I bet there is some staff shakeup though.

I agree with your opinion Baked,but I don’t see it happening do you. WPS

Chris, do you really believe Mike is one of the top coaches in the conference?

Resume’s don’t lie

I would love to see Coach Anderson make changes on his staff. Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening. Loyalty is quite possibly Coach Anderson’s greatest strength and weakness.

I agree

Reminds me of Kenny Hatfield

So what are you saying Daytona?

You tell me Jerry. Has it been talent or coaching?

Regardless of coach, record, etc. I have never agreed with an forcing a coach in any sport to make changes to their staff… It almost never turns out well

Hold him accountable, tell them it’s up to you but younown the results, anything… I just don’t like the idea of forcing a coach to make staff changes… let them own the consequences of their actions

Chris, I don’t think you can coach like you and I want without talent. I know we don’t have enough right now. I know Mike can coach but not without talent. If you’re going to coach at this level you must recruit so that’s on Mike and his staff.

Jerry, that’s exactly what i said. Recruiting is the number one issue. Get a stud recruiter on staff and boom.

With Equal talent i think Mike would be a top coach in the SEC. If he stays, needs to get fixed.

Mike getting a new assistant doesn’t always have to come from firing one. This could be the year tj gets a lower level head coaching job. He’s been selected for the coach AD convention. Melvin could take an admin role and enjoy his remaining time in Fayetteville.

That wouldn’t surprise me