Stadium upgrade question

Are they planning on upgrading the facade of the stadium along Razorback Road to match the rest of the stadium? It maybe a touch of OCD on my part, but that’s always bothered me.

Not during this next renovation. Something needs to be done but it will take a lot of money to fix that side of the stadium.

I think the issue is that Razorback Road is actually a state highway, which has had talk of expansion at some point. There probably isn’t enough room as is to do the brick facade like on the East and South.

I’ve always thought that side needed some serious cosmetic work, too. But as others have pointed out, Razorback Rd is an issue. Even though it’s a state hwy, I don’t think that’d prevent moving it a few yards to the west. And it will have to be moved if we want the west side of the stadium to look anywhere nearly as good as the east side.

I know everyone thinks the same thing, fix it. I know it’s been debated and contemplated many, many times. But as best as I can tell, that has not been put in any of the plans for the next upgrade.

Seems like somebody asked Jeff Long that question on Twitter and the answer there was no, but I can’t find it right off hand (his Twitter account is quite busy).

In a semi-related note, Jeff tweeted a photo of the full stands from last night’s soccer game with the comment “We need a stadium sponsor!!!” I suspect if someone writes about a $2 million check earmarked for a west facade at RRS, they’d find some way to get it done. It wouldn’t look exactly like the east side, but it would enclose the stadium skeleton.