Stadium improvements

I don’t get on as much as I like so forgive me if this has been asked and answered a zillion times.

What is the new seating capacity?


The seating capacity this season is 72,000. It will be 76,800 after the renovation is completed.

Matt, according to the answers UA submitted to Senator Pryor’s list of questions, expected capacity will be 76,212. They’re adding 4,849 seats but they’re getting rid of 637, which is the existing East Outdoor Club that will be replaced by the Founders Suites.

Details in the answer to Question 3:

Good point. I had forgotten about the reduction of those seats.

I’ll be interested to see how far over capacity the stadium will fill for big games. For instance, the listed capacity has been 72,000 since the south end zone expansion, but the record attendance was nearly 77,000.

I would bet Arkansas draws around 80,000 for the Alabama game next season.

I would agree, and you might be on the low side. They could cram as many people into the SRO area (which I think is designated as the Roof Deck in the UA answer I linked above) as the fire marshals would allow, and you could still put some students on top of SEZ around/in front of the Pigscreen. Possibly for big games they could also put up temp bleachers, but I suspect the overflow will mainly be put in the Roof Deck. 82,000 sounds about right for the biggest games with this configuration.


I’ll be thrilled the day we have that big a hog call…

Well, didn’t Long say the other day that there were only 6 Founder’s Suites? It’s my understanding the original Q+A listed 300 for seating and they had planned on selling 10 of them. So 6 X 30=180. They may save some of the EOC seating. I doubt the final number is exactly as stated in the Q+A.

If Jeff said there were only six suites I missed it, but that is quite possible. It’s also quite possible that it’s not going to be 76,212 capacity either. They did originally list 300 seats in the Founders Suites. Maybe they leave some club seating on either side of the Founders Suites, maybe they build 10 as planned and sell four more later, or maybe they expand the 6 they’ve sold to seat 50. Or maybe that’s not what he said at all. I guess we’ll see in a year, or maybe they’ll get more specific info from JL before that. My guess is if they haven’t sold all the Founders Suites they’ll build the 10 that were planned and keep trying to sell them.