Stadium Construction and Coaching...

I guess the bottom line question is who will get the keys to the to the NEZ locker rooms next August?

I was just thinking that it is interesting as new facilities and expansion is always tied to success or at least an upward trend. With the SEZ, this was driven by Nutt’s early success and then the Football Operations Center by Petrino. The ironic thing with Petrino is that he was fired as the FOC just started construction and it was CBB who got the keys. Now here we are with a shiny new building opening next Fall and not yet sure how this thing will play out.

By the time the RRS expansion opened in 2001, Nutt’s early success had faded a bit, with 6-6 in the third year and getting drilled in the bowl game on UNLV’s home field. So there isn’t as big a difference as you might think.

Oh, you are right. I seemed to have put that UNLV game out of mind, that was an ugly one to say the least :cry:

The AD, BOT members, the Chancellor, and every one else who has a say has to think about how to keep the new addition occupied in the coming years. The money appears to be rolling in for the first year, but they have to try to project what things will look like when they try to sell those spaces in year two.

The new addition needs to make a lot of money every year for the next 10-15 years, especially with the uncertainty over media revenue as we go into the next decade. The program has to be hopeful enough after 2018 to sell the spaces and keep Foundation contributions rolling in. In year five of the BB regime, they need to be convinced the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train. Otherwise it makes more sense to endure the pain, financial and otherwise, now, and get the transition year out of the way in 18.

I think a bowl game and beating Auburn or LSU is probably a must for BB to have a chance to keep his job. But then again I was pretty convinced Mike Anderson was gone about halfway through the SEC schedule last year, so what do I know.

Most of the box suites are multiple year leases.

I thought Matt’s article said the NEZ suites were for a 7 year commitment, I know the Love boxes are 1-3 year commitments.

The “Love” boxes? Just what are we doing at these games? No wonder they sold so quickly!Ha! Just kidding. I know what you meant. Freudian slip, or in this case, Freudian typing.

Loge boxes perhaps?

Yes. The “Love” boxes made me think about the events at the old Toronto Blue Jays’ dome that actually included hotel rooms.

Auto-correct on this new tablet, it’s like starting all over again, haha.