Stacy Lewis winds up 4th at British Open

She wasn’t going to make up seven shots on the leader in the final round unless somebody collapsed, but she made up two shots by birdieing 16 and 18 to finish at -11, alone in fourth place. Winner shot even par 72 today, -16 overall.

And now, she’s off to get married and then on to the Olympics. Pretty exciting time in her life.

I’ve got a feeling that next season, after all the planning for the wedding is behind her, and she’s starting to settle into married life, we’ll see her back in the winner’s circle. She’s actually played very well over the last two years - she just hasn’t won a tournament. I believe she’s had something like 8 - 10 second place finishes in that time, so she’s not been far off.

Stacy is a competitive money machine. Her putting has held her back the past couple of years. Hopefully, she figures out her putting problems. There is another huge reason she is not winning: The quality and number of players from South Korea and other countries is staggering. She may never be the force or the number 1 player again, but she has had and will continue to have a stellar career. Two majors and being the best player in the world at one time…pretty stout.

From what I saw of her this weekend (and I didn’t watch all of it) her putting was fine. It looks as though the putting problems are lessened.

If you watch her in the majors or any event, Stacy just hasn’t made enough putts…She has been a good putter, just not the past couple of years. To win, you need to make almost everything inside 10 feet. Last week, Jimmy Walker was 37 of 37 inside 10 feet in winning the PGA.

There are so many great young women players, especially from Korea and Asia, that you must play your best to win now. The competition is much tougher now than it was even 3-5 years ago. She has changed putters several times in the past year or so…an indication she is not putting her best.

I think she will win again, maybe even a major. She is a bulldog and probably a very frustrated player with so many 2nd place finishes the past 2 years. I like it when she gets pissed off. Her cheeks get red as fire and you can tell she could bite a nail. She is a fighter.

I think Marty and Jhawg are both correct. She is actually putting very, very well; but the issue is that she isn’t making enough of them the past year or so - which leads to scoring issues. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen her play quite a bit (in the international tournament that she and the USA won, then the British Open) and I couldn’t tell you how many of her putts either burned the edges of the cup, or were tracking for the center but ended up less than 6" short. She’s doing so much right, I have to think she’ll put it all together again - and soon.

And, yes, she is a bulldog (mentality) on the course. I love watching her play.

She’s a super ambassador for our school and the Lady’s golf program at the U of A.