Stacy also appears to like fishing as well as golf

Looks like Strippers. No wall hanger material but two or three could be pole benders. Lot of fun to catch. … ampionship

No strippers, alas, but quite a haul of stripers.

Now that’s funny.


That’s like click bait. I was like “strippers”, woohoo! Then it was like the finish to the football season. :frowning:

Pole bending strippers vs pole bending stripers. A little “p” sure makes a difference. :smiley:

If the extra “P” did apply, the LPGA would have instigated a new “undress” code instead of the dress code.

Absolutely unintentional, Freuden slip if you will, but this has been one of my favorite posts in a while.

I hope Stacy enjoys it; I understand she is a board member.