Stackhouse Loses It

bumps into ref and physically blocks him from going down the court

how dumb

gotta maintain your composure against Kentucky

1 point game

really surprised by Vandy

they are hanging tough

He was right though. That was some bs. Should’ve been a foul then there was definitely a whistle for shot clock violation before they let them play on for the wide open dunk going the other way. Just the usual stuff, Kentucky being Kentucky at the sec tourney game being called like it’s the wildcat invitational


mental mistakes doing Vandy in

Oh I agree

Stack was definitely in the right

he went aggressively at the ref

you just can’t do that

Ya it took him a good while to calm down but eventually looked like he regretted it, turning point in the game

dumb mistakes by Vandy

Kentucky taking advantage

yeah heat of the moment thing

I’m sure he wished he could take it back

Vandy isn’t good enough to not play mistake free. Looks like physicality and fatigue is playing a role in these mental errors down the stretch


they’ve played tough though

Pippen Jr 2-14 from field has killed them

See what I’m talking about. This is not a fair fight. Bs


Kentucky is the luckiest team in America

just unreal


Yeah man, that was a horrible call, the Kentucky player was standing out of bounds with the ball but it’s their ball. Woof.

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the announcer just stated Toppin was out of bounds and it should’ve been vandy’s ball

just wow

Cats get all the breaks

poor vandy

wow did they ever get hosed

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