Stacey Wilkins will

visit OU the day after the Arkansas visit on July 27.

Probably a good thing I don’t have twitter. I would likely tell him to go ahead and stay home and just ride up to OU with his coach. I hope if there are any Hog fans involved in Fairview football that they encourage their major Sooner pumping coach to go ahead and move back home.


Probably a good thing I don’t have twitter. I would likely tell him to go ahead and stay home and just ride up to OU with his coach. I hope if there are any Hog fans involved in Fairview football that they encourage their major Sooner pumping coach to go ahead and move back home.


Oklahoma is winning and has been winning fairly consistently winning for quite some time now. Arkansas has not. Simple as that. If Arkansas was a consistent top 15 team, maybe local kids would be more of a lock for the Hogs year-in-year-out.

That all being said, just like when Arkansas steals a 4 star out of another state, we shouldn’t be surprised when other programs steal one out of Arkansas. Especially when the program is down.

Well, that should likely finish things off.

Dudley, is the coach at Fairview from Oklahoma? Being the kid is a cousin of Andrews, it seems a little strange he is going to OU.

May not be from OU, but he’s a big time OU pumper, I know this from a good friend who used to coach there.

born in OK but not an OU grad or attended… Seems like Wilkins is showing a weasel like inclination, better cover his bases and not stand up for his choice publicly. Maybe a smart move, probably is but will eventually have to be made. I get the Trent Williams connection, just acknowledge it and move on. Better for all involved the way this thing is playing out.

I’m not going to have a lot of heartburn about this, if he ends up at OU, as seems to be expected at this point.

I get that we have to recruit - hard - any major talent from the state of Arkansas. But some of them, for whatever reason, will want to go elsewhere. We can expect this to be the case until such time (if ever) that we rise up and win a couple of SEC Championships in a 3 or 4 year period.

I seriously doubt that things will ever be (in my lifetime, at least) as they were when I was young and Arkansas was truly a dominant program, not only in the SWC but nationally. I’ve been around long enough and have perspective to see that the 1960’s and 70’s were somewhat of an aberration where Razorback Football was concerned. I used to think we’d rebound to that status, but am now more realistic about how (un)likely that is in today’s world.

For that reason, I am also aware that the kids making their recruiting decisions have absolutely NO connection to the dominant Arkansas program I remember and know CAN be. So, it is a much harder sell to them. Yes, many are loyal to state and family, so want to stay home and make a name for themselves and the “home team”. But I can’t blame a young man who has seen OU or Alabama or whoever win Conference Championships and play in the CFP games while our program feels it has accomplished something when we finish above .500 in conference play.

None of this is intended to be critical of our program. I actually think our state, AD’s and fans have done pretty much all they can to support and provide an environment where winning teams can exist. it just is very hard to turn perception around and get those “winners” that you need to do it. I’m cautiously optimistic that if we keep CCM around for 4 or 5 years, he can gradually do what others have done at, frankly, less likely outposts such as UH and Baylor.

I hope we show guys the success of kids who go out of state compared to those who stay home. I don’t know for sure, but I do know that since I’ve been keeping up with recruiting the guys that left haven’t done anything.

Some have been really big time guys and never made it. While some guys who weren’t as highly rated came to the hill and ended up having a good career and a shot in the NFL.

Josh Frazier, never had any meaningful snaps at Bama.
RB from North Little Rock who was tragically killed got lost in the Bama roster as well.
WR from north Little Rock has done next to nothing at Ohio State, had a couple good plays last season but nothing major.
There’s some more I can’t think of too, seems to be a trend.

KJ Hill led Ohio State in receptions and yards last season with 56 catches for 549 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Josh Frazier has two national championship rings, was in the rotation his final two seasons, was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers and is expected to make the team.

Michael Dyer had one great season at Auburn and one pretty good one for Louisville.

Charles Clay starred for Tulsa and is still in the NFL.

Kenneth Dixon was a stud for Louisiana Tech and is in the NFL.

Pine Bluff’s Frank Okam had a good career for Texas as did Fort Smith’s Priest Holmes.

Cortez Kennedy is another one that comes to mind.

I know the coach takes him to Oklahoma when he goes to visit his family over there, but I think it is just about OU having more success.

You can’t blame a kid who is offered by Alabama and Ohio State to make that decision. I’m sure they are told if they win the starting job, they will get drafted and make a lot of money. That is true, but those schools have a bunch of competition for starting spots. I suspect the kids believe they can do it. That’s ok.

Okam and Holmes? Don’t think so.

Both were born in Arkansas and moved away. Both had offers.

Both were born in Arkansas and moved away

Dudley, the reason it bothers some of us is because we are hog fans! You’ve told us many times you’re not a fan. I don’t need to be reminded of possible benefits of recruits leaving state during recruiting season!

You can’t blame a kid period. He is a kid! Do we recruit and sign out of state kids? Sure I want him to sign w my Hogs but I don’t worry about a kid who wants to go out of state, his choice and his right.

All I have seen is how people wanna blame media, or whatever. Guess what? It may have to do with the fact we have a coach who is all wrong for our program??? Don’t put this on DD. Eventually, all of you will get clued in to the fact we hired the WRONG GUY!!!

So who would you have hired Elmo? Come out and say it instead of beating around the bush.