Stacey Wilkins tweets he'll

Said he was visiting Arkansas for the LSU game.

visit Arkansas for the LSU game.

He said it will be an official visit.

Is he even interested though? He’s commited… what a process.

I guess our coaches are still trying with him. Maybe something good will come out of the visit. :smiley:

That word at this point isn’t worth the electrons it takes for this to show up on your screen.

I see no harm at all in continuing to recruit him.

Who knows what goes through a 17-year-old’s head.

Agree with DD. Maybe this kid is still considering the hogs. People change their minds all the time. C’mon Stacy we got room for you. GHG

RD has always said with Wilkins that it isn’t over until he signs with a team. I must say I am a little surprised he is taking the OV at this point in time but who knows with these kids man.

Way too much time between now and the “visit”. I’ll set the O/U at 4 on the number of times the visit is on and the date of the visit.

He could be the star of the 2019 line… could be?

He might surprise, but I fully expect him to redshirt regardless where he ends up.