Stacey Wilkins Tweet

I saw that also… Would seem to me to indicate an OU pledge coming, hope I’m wrong.

That’s what I thought, but holding out hope.

Stacey said he’s still on for the July 27-29 visit to Arkansas.

That’s strange, RD. I read elsewhere that he apparently told OU he will be on their campus that weekend. If he’s in Fayetteville all weekend, I’m going to feel very good about our chances.

Heard that too, but he told me he would be at Arkansas the 27-29.

This whole tweet makes it seem like OU is pushing for a commitment now. You gotta think UA wouldn’t make him feel like he has to make a decision now or lose a spot. Man, the boards are gonna blow up if he does pick OU.

Honestly glad he is deciding early. Tired of this kids games.

Whatever he decides, I don’t think it will be over until later.

In trying to read the tea leaves, the last sentence of the tweet seems like a potential dagger for Arkansas. He saw how Hog fans treated that guy who went to Kentucky to play basketball and may be bracing for such a backlash.

Worrying about having his spot taken doesn’t sound like he’s coming to the hill.

If he wouldn’t post ridiculous things on Twitter (like requests for respect), he won’t be disappointed when he announces. IOW, if you don’t want public scrutiny, stay out of the public spotlight. Take care of your business and move on. You don’t get to tell people how to feel or what to say about your very public statements.

The Hogs will be just fine if he goes elsewhere

Reading other tweets he has posted his week it sounds like he is really conflicted. Like he isn’t ready to make a commitment but someone is pushing him to do it now. He might go with the pushing now but if Ark stays in contact with him it isn’t over till he signs a paper

Whoever he commits to shouldn’t feel certain about it…”reserving a spot” is by no means a fully committed decision.

If I were in his shoes I would “reserve” at OU, bc there’s no way we won’t make room for him at any given point

I’m pretty sure whoever he doesn’t pick now isn’t going to give up until his name is on someone’s LOI. Us or the Paperclips

Had to have…
Fred Bledsoe-got him-dud
5 Star DB from Helena-got him-dud
DL from Springdale-Bama-career backup
Sosa Agim-got him-starter-star maybe
Dozens of ‘have to gets’ over the years who flop wherever they go. A few turn out to be the real deal.

Let it all play out. Want him here but not going to freak if he goes elsewhere.

Speaking of real deals, Cedric Houston was a big miss. I remember that one well because we were the same age and I was just down the road (in DeWitt) from Clarendon where he was from.

Bret Smith out of Warren had a decent career at Tennessee also if I recall, thankfully we reversed our luck with kids out of Warren.

Edit: forgot DeAngelo Williams who infamously sent his LOI in with ‘no’ signed on it. Probably had about as good of a career as anyone from Arkansas ever has.

Agree. Are you hearing anything locally?

A lot of the stuff he tweets are actually song lyrics or about his girl.

He tweets very little about football.

But why not jump a kid who might end up at Arkansas? Seems like a good recruiting plan for the fans to turn on him before he makes a decision.