Stacey Wilkins' top 2 are Arkansas and Oklahoma (story)... … -oklahoma/

Thanks Dudley. Nice article.

I know Stacey is a young man that may want to enjoy the recruiting process, but I get confused and frustrated by a talented fellow from Arkansas that says he has had a lifelong dream in becoming a Razorback, but that he needs to see other programs to see his fit and for his future (as in “business decision”).

Fit? OK, maybe so. Oklahoma, how come? They are an arch enemy–if you are a hog lover. Future? Huh? You can’t get to the NFL from NWA? He better talk to his cuz and family, and hog fans everywhere. There are many Razorback linemen in the pros, and some as All-Pro. He can get there from here just as well as anywhere else in the country. I’d hate to think that “future” means anything other than potential for the NFL.

“The fattest knight at King Arthur’s round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.”

If Arkansas had been as successful as Oklahoma lately, then I think there would be a top one.

But the Razorbacks haven’t.

This staff - just like the last one - is going to have to prove to these elite 2019 in-state prospects it is worthy of having them.

The old “being a Razorback is all I really wanted to be” days are over.

These kids don’t see Oklahoma or Texas as enemies like we did in our youth.

You’re right about that. The kid wasn’t even born the last time we had a meaningful game against either. He sounds like a smart kid. OU has been a consistent power… us? Not so much

THIS kid should love to run through big A just like his wonderfull cousin Shawn Andrews.Thanks David Keeney.

Once this program takes off, and I am optimistic it will, it will behoove a young man to think twice before dragging it out. There are just so many scholarships to hand out.