Stacey Wilkins' commitment will be

made during whichever All American game he chooses to attend.

This has to be somewhat good news for Arkansas. If it was such a done deal that he was going to Oklahoma, then I don’t see him waiting that long to commit.

The odds favor him waiting so he doesn’t take grief all Fall if he’s picking somewhere else.
I’m not one that thinks we have to have all the instate players so this isn’t a huge problem to me. I’d like to have 2/3 of the great instate players but we’re on plenty of others.

Changed about three more times by February!

Usually, if a recruit is picking his home state school, he announces early and gets lots of positive feedback for the rest of his high school career. Usually, if he is not going to pick his home state school, he waits as late as possible to announce so as to avoid all of the negative reaction for the rest of his high school career. Hopefully, this is the exception to that rule but it ain’t looking too good on this recruit.

You may be right, but Oklahoma had and has had all the momentum in his recruitment so the fact that he is waiting just gives us a little bit of a chance to turn it around. We may or may not, but the longer it goes the more of a chance CCM has to make a good impression. We are the underdogs in this one at this point, and as underdogs you just want to make it to the end of the game and have a chance…

I’m not sure for some of these kids if it is a matter so much of “turning it around” as it is just wanting to see what the program looks like during the season.

Even the guys who have been up for games multiple times under the previous staff have got to be more than a little curious about how things are done on game weekends with the new staff. Not to mention no one really knows what to expect this year.


Changed about three more times by February!

[/quote] I agree

“Turn it around” was in reference to the momentum Oklahoma has in his recruitment or at least the trending feelings that he was headed out of state. Not necessarily direction of program overall. Probably could have been more clearly stated

End up at Arkansas, but this is a move that should give Arkansas fans some hope.

It would have been Oklahoma if it had occurred this spring or summer.

Still may be, but Arkansas is not done yet and a season of viewing them and any hope that comes from it could be a game changer

While I think they can enjoy this as much as they can his is getting out of hand.
It seems he is just a glory hog and loves playing all the teams.
Begging for twitter followers, crazy

I dont care where this one goes at all

Glad someone said it.

The truth is out there.