St Louis v Memphis soccer

0-0 with 29 min left in very cold and dreary setting. Home field for us if Tiggers pull thru. Ain’t no one getting tired in this weather.

Mem had a run thru the box but could not get the left foot goal. Tigger are pushing the Salukis (hope their good luck symbolism is lost today).

Memphis up 1-0- pm a header after great offensive pressure, probably deserved a pK just before but now up with 25 min left.

1 min left Mem playing smart and stalling plenty, SLU missed a kick from the 6 yard line on a cross and maybe we stay home. Looks like it.

Upset! :grin:

Memphis wins and plays Leghumpers in Fayetteville. We get the Buckeyes at home.

Salukis are Southern Illinois. SLU is the Billikens.

And the Billikens start their holiday break a little early.

Sarola Miller a Canadian scores for Memphis and we get to put our Canadian kids up for next weekend

Thanks Jeff have had friends at both and got ahead, Jr Billikens and Ronnnie Wingo should be high priority now.

SEC so far:

Hogs over Misery State
Georgia 2-0 over Samford
Bama hung up 9-nil on Jackson State
Moo U 2-1 over NM State
Tennessee went to OT with Xavier but then gave up three goals in OT
EOE put a beatdown on TAM.
Vandy beat 5 seed Clemson 1-0.

Ohio State won in the 107th min vs Bucknell so hopefully they have used all their luck

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We have several common opponents with the Suckeyes.

They won at Kansas 1-0 right after we thrashed KU 6-0 in an exhibition at Lawrence.

They lost to BYU 2-0 at Columbus

Tied TAM 0-0 at Cbus

Lost to Sparty 1-0 at Cbus

I started following em on Twitter and they are happy to move on. Not a lot of expectations, Xavier v TN in the thread

So Moo U plays Tiger High Friday and we play the Suckeyes. Fortunately we don’t have hoops at BWA at the same time this week.

We got to watch the women’s soccer game last night on the BWA scoreboard during halftime and occasional timeouts. Johnny George announced the first goal and then the final score. The crowd responded with cheers

South Carolina leading Wake Forest 2-0 late in the match. Not a good night for the Deacons anywhere.

One non-SEC upset: UC-Irvine beat 4-seed SoCal 2-0.

Duke and UNC, playing 8 miles apart, both lead 4-0 late in the match.

nice pathways for SEC to get to final four Championship cup contention esp us, Bummer and SC

The Poultry played an exhibition at Dook in August and lost 2-1. They’d have to reverse that result to get to the Elite Eight.

I see SoCar has its game time for the Harvard match (4 ET). Ours is still TBA. I’m sure SECN is having a say. I’m also sure we’ll have the late game, whenever that is.

yes, but the Chickens are pecking their way into a really aggravating style of play that is awkward and will be an issue for Dookies. When we are playing blitzkrieg style then we are great television.

I see that we are playing Friday at 6:30 and if we win, Sunday at 5:00.

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